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Democrat Rep. Katie Porter Accused of Demoting Aide Who ‘gave me COVID’; Standards (or the lack thereof), and other C-Virus related stories

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Democrat Rep. Katie Porter accused of demoting aide who ‘gave me COVID’:
That’s sick!
A Democratic congresswoman was accused Thursday of retaliating against a staffer who the lawmaker said exposed her to COVID-19 this past summer after working in person while ill.
Sasha Georgiades, a Navy veteran who joined Rep. Katie Porter’s office in 2020 as a Wounded Warrior Fellow, told Reason magazine that she was relegated to working remotely for the last several weeks of her fellowship and never heard from her boss again after Porter lashed out.
“Why did you not follow office protocol on testing?” Porter, 48, allegedly asked Georgiades in a July 9 text message obtained by the news outlet. “It’s really disappointing”.
According to Georgiades, the “office protocol” required taking a COVID test the instant one felt even slightly unwell. She told Reason that she thought she was “just sore from exercise.”
“I’m terribly sorry,” an apologetic Georgiades responded at the time. “You’re right I should have done better. Just because I felt okay in the moment doesn’t mean that I was.”
“Sasha — I cannot allow you back in the office, given your failure to follow office policies,” Porter then told her. “Cody will be in touch [about] having your personal effects shipped or delivered to your home, and will lay out your remote work schedule and responsibilities for your last few weeks.” ...>READ MORE HERE
Standards (or the lack thereof):
Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) sounds as nasty and unpleasant as any lawmaker on Capitol Hill.
From reportedly being racist against blacks to fostering a hostile work environment, Porter, a frequent guest on essentially every major political news program not aired by Fox News, apparently oversees the type of dysfunctional and abusive workplace you read about in the papers whenever they cover dysfunctional and abusive workplaces.
Except you didn’t hear this first from the corporate press. In fact, what the public has heard about the congresswoman's office, it heard first from an anonymous Instagram account, Dear White Staffers. The small army of reporters who roam the Capitol demanding Republicans respond to former President Donald Trump’s social media tirades haven’t exactly bothered to investigate the relatively powerful congresswoman’s allegedly problematic behavior.
Matthew Foldi writes for the U.S. edition of the Spectator that the California congresswoman has recently been accused of: firing an employee who allegedly gave her COVID-19, using racist language, and fostering a hostile workplace.
“Rep. Katie Porter fires staffer after both test positive for COVID,” Dear White Staffers posted last week, sharing Signal messages purporting to be from Porter’s now-former staffer in which the congresswoman berated her employee. “Well you gave me Covid,” Porter’s messages read. “It took you not following the rules to get me sick.” Porter’s office subsequently confirmed that the staffer was punished but argued that she was simply banned from ever returning to in-person work and was not immediately terminated.
Porter’s staffer, the office’s Wounded Warrior fellow named Sasha Georgiades, told Porter that she forgot to follow COVID protocols because one of her friends had just been murdered. This apparently did not matter to the congresswoman. The eye-popping account of Porter rebuking Georgiades was just the first of her problems. Dear White Staffers has issued follow-up post after follow-up post, in which former Porter staff tear into the liberal icon. --->READ MORE HERE
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