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COVID crazies are using the China virus surge to push disastrous restrictions AGAIN — ignore them; China’s Dictatorial Political System Is The Root Cause Of Its Disastrous Covid Policies, and other C-Virus related stories

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COVID crazies are using the China virus surge to push disastrous restrictions AGAIN — ignore them:
Despite the disastrous experiment with zero-COVID mandates in China, the bug’s resurgence there has whetted the left’s appetite for a return to similar policies here. Don’t let that happen!
After President Xi Jinping abruptly ended his draconian restrictions on travel, social interaction and commerce in response to fiery protests, COVID cases shot back up.
And no wonder: Given that the entire nation has been under some variety of lockdown almost continuously since the start of the pandemic, there has been little chance for any natural immunity to develop.
In other words, shutting down life as we know it to stop a virus simply does not work. It only bottles it up and leaves the population broadly vulnerable to future explosions, while doing terrible economic and social damage along the way. Oh, and China’s extremist measures — people were actually locked in their homes, leaving some fatally trapped when a fire erupted — also fueled rare, furious protests that threatened the regime’s power.
But none of that is stopping the usual suspects here in the states. --->READ MORE HERE
China’s Dictatorial Political System Is The Root Cause Of Its Disastrous Covid Policies"
Beijing abruptly abandoned its cruel and unpopular “zero Covid” policy in early December after it had wrecked China’s economy and caused the Chinese people countless miseries that eventually led to mass protests. China’s reopening has been a disaster. It does not validate the government’s prior “zero Covid” policy but illustrates everything wrong with the nation’s dictatorial political system.
On March 19, 2022, while Covid-19 spread worldwide like wildfire, China’s dictator Xi Jinping declared he had won the “people’s war” against the pandemic. Such a victory was meant to serve as indisputable evidence that China’s one-party political system is superior to the democracies of the West.
Xi’s declaration of victory was premature. After putting the Chinese people through almost three years of hell with mass testing, invasive contact tracing, prolonged lockdowns, forced quarantine, and economic hardship, China was the last major economy to reopen, and its reopening in the wake of the “zero covid” policy has been chaotic and scary.
Hospitals have reportedly reached capacity with overflowing patients and mortuaries nationwide working overtime as bodies piled up. Pharmacies have emptied shelves as they run out of basic cold and fever medicine such as ibuprofen. Factories face shortages of workers as many of them call in sick.
American companies in China have also been affected. For example, Tesla had to shut down its factory in Shanghai between Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 amid rising Covid infections among its employees. Zhejiang province, a manufacturing hub where many Apple suppliers reside, struggled to keep its factories open as it reported one million new Covid cases on Christmas day. --->READ MORE HERE
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