Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Biden at the Border: ‘They Need a Lot of Resources, and We’re Going to Get It for Them.’'; White House: Americans Are Obliged to Aid More Migrants

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Biden at the Border: ‘They Need a Lot of Resources, and We’re Going to Get It for Them.’:
President Biden, shortly after taking office, in an issued statement: “Building a massive wall that spans the entire southern border is not a serious policy solution. It is a waste of money that diverts attention from genuine threats to our homeland security. My Administration is committed to ensuring that the United States has a comprehensive and humane immigration system that operates consistently with our nation’s values. In furtherance of that commitment, I have determined that the declaration of a national emergency at our southern border . . . was unwarranted. It shall be the policy of my Administration that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a border wall.”
President Biden, yesterday, in El Paso, Texas:
Q Mr. President, what have you learned at the border today?

THE PRESIDENT: They need a lot of resources, and we’re going to get it for them.
Biden’s comment doesn’t specify whether the “they” he is referring to is the migrants or border-patrol personnel. That said, Biden did not see or meet with any migrants. There’s a curious explanation for that: --->READ MORE HERE
White House: Americans Are Obliged to Aid More Migrants:
Americans are obliged to help bring more foreigners into their American society, White House spokesman John Kirby told reporters in a briefing ahead of President Joe Biden’s meeting with Mexico’s president on Monday and Tuesday.
“You can’t forget that … we do, as a nation of immigrants, have an obligation to provide better tools and pathways for them to come in,” Kirby told reporters in the White House.
The “Nation of Immigrants” narrative was invented in the 1950s by advocates for more migration. Biden and his deputies are pushing that claim to justify their importation of more illegal migrants above the limits set by Congress.
Kirby also said Biden is trying to “balance” the additional immigrant inflow with actions that merely “curb” — but not stop — the illegal migration that is strongly opposed by most Americans:
This is a President who understands that safe and legal immigration into this country is a key cornerstone of our own security and prosperity, and that he is advancing ways to improve those legal pathways to entry … and that the illegal migration is curbed as best as we can.
Kirby’s title is National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the White House.
The administration’s goal is to increase immigration, but only to ‘limit” — not stop — illegal migration, according to a Sunday tweet from Biden’s account also --->READ MORE HERE
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