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Will Republicans investigate ‘Died Suddenly’? ... Why is Every State Besides Florida Still Promoting COVID Jabs Even for Children? and other C-Virus related stories

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Horowitz: Will Republicans investigate ‘Died Suddenly’?
It’s the 800-pound gorilla in the room and the shot not heard ’round the world: “Died suddenly.” The safety signals from the COVID shots are light-years past the point of no return. Until now, despite the CDC’s own VAERS and V-Safe data, over 2,500 case studies, over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies on vaccine injury, and endless safety signals on excess deaths and disability coinciding with the take-up of the vaccines, nobody in power had interest in investigating it. Will that change with a GOP-controlled House or in any of the numerous GOP-controlled state legislatures?
Our government has promoted and continues to promote these shots and the technology being built from them like nothing our government has ever promoted before. But name the Republican who wants to investigate it? Sure, Senator Ron Johnson, the lone ranger, is interested, but he is in the minority. What about the House majority under Kevin McCarthy? Most assuredly, there are numerous existential crises that require investigation and oversight, but “died suddenly” and the implication of millions of deaths and injuries from a product that continues to enjoy more support and immunity than anything in human history should rank at the top of that list.
According to an analysis of all-cause mortality of over 1 billion people in India, there was barely any excess mortality in 2020 before the vaccines. The mortality then exploded by over 300% in the spring of 2021, according to the analysis published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. --->READ MORE HERE
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Horowitz: Why is every state besides Florida still promoting COVID jabs even for children?
More than half the nation’s governors are Republican, yet the respective departments of health (and other departments) in each of them are run by left-wingers who could easily work in California. To this day, Florida is the only state where the surgeon general who runs the health department is recommending against the COVID shots for younger people and is putting out informed consent information and warning the public about their safety in general. Where are the other red-state health departments, and why do those GOP governors continue to publicly oppose Fauci but then have their health departments promote his handiwork?
Last Friday, the Florida Department of Health sent out the following alert to the state’s health care workers. What was novel about it is that rather than promoting the boosters, as the other red states do, they warned that children shouldn’t get them and that all people should be provided with informed consent information about the risks.
So rather than demanding that everyone remain “up to date” with the current number of boosters promoted by the feds, Florida is telling everyone to remain up to date with “the current literature related to these vaccines” so they can make an informed decision. Florida, under the direction of Dr. Joseph Ladapo, hasn’t promoted the vaccines on social media in over a year, yet it’s hard to find another red state that has changed even to this day. --->READ MORE HERE
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