Saturday, December 17, 2022

Thousands of Migrants Flood Over Border at El Paso — Many Brought by Mexican Authorities; El Paso Mayor Refuses to Declare Emergency Despite Thousands of Migrants Flooding In

Thousands of migrants flood over border at El Paso — many brought by Mexican authorities:
Thousands of migrants have once again flooded over the border from Mexico at El Paso, Texas — many of whom had reportedly been kidnapped by cartels, rescued by the Mexican army, then brought to the border by the country’s police and told to turn themselves in to US authorities.
More than 1,500 people were seen wading across the Rio Grande from Juarez on Sunday night, according to El Paso Matters, which published footage of the river crossing.
On Sunday alone, 2,400 people had attempted to cross into the US at El Paso, according to statistics released by the border city — which is already over capacity and bracing for a renewed onslaught of migrants with the looming end of Title 42 on December 21.
The city also recorded 5,105 migrants in temporary custody Sunday at US Customs and Border Protection’s Central Processing Center El Paso, as their claims were evaluated. The center is designed to hold only 3,500 people.
The asylum seekers had come from Nicaragua, Peru and Ecuador, where they have been fleeing failed governments, and many had been a part of a group who had been kidnapped en masse on Dec. 3, according to the outlet.
Passengers had been aboard a Futura bus heading for the border when they were stopped by men in police uniforms, then redirected to a house where they were held hostage. --->READ MORE HERE
El Paso mayor refuses to declare emergency despite thousands of migrants flooding in:
El Paso’s mayor rejected renewed calls Monday to declare a local state of emergency despite thousands of migrants continuing to flood in and overwhelm the city.
More than 1,500 people were seen crossing the Rio Grande river from Juarez, Mexico, on Sunday according to El Paso Matters, then handing themselves over to border officers in the US to seek asylum.
Acting Chief Patrol Agent Peter Jaquez also confirmed the crossing has “experienced a major surge in illegal crossings, with a 3-day average of 2,460 daily encounters,” in a Tweet Monday.
But Mayor Oscar Leeser would not take action despite further urging by city officials, who want the declaration in order to open the Democrat-controlled city up to additional funds and resources from the state and federal governments.
Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino said at the city council’s meeting Monday: “With today’s numbers I have to recommend a declaration.
“2,500 apprehensions on the daily when they’re doing 498 community releases. Those numbers are high.” --->READ MORE HERE
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