Friday, December 30, 2022

Sanctuary Counties Making Private Deals with ‘Abolish ICE’ Groups to Protect Criminal Illegal Aliens; Human Traffickers and Immigration Fraudsters Have a Consistent Ally: The Radical Ninth Circuit

Sanctuary Counties Making Private Deals with ‘Abolish ICE’ Groups to Protect Criminal Illegal Aliens:
Officials in Arlington, Virginia, are working behind the scenes with left-wing non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who support abolishing federal immigration enforcement, to shape county policy that shields criminal illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.
An investigation from the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) reveals the extent to which Arlington County board members are working hand-in-hand with activists from the Legal Aid Justice Center (LAJC) to protect illegal aliens arrested for crimes from being turned over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.
In July, the Arlington County board unanimously approved a quasi-sanctuary policy that bans local police from inquiring about a suspect’s immigration status and requires officers to ask their supervisor’s permission before notifying ICE agents about an illegal alien in their custody.
“These groups claim they are protecting the rights of non-citizens but it is a net loss for a jurisdiction when criminal aliens are put back on the street rather than face deportation,” IRLI President Dale Wilcox said in a statement. “The result of this policy will inevitably be a more dangerous community, period.”
As it turns out, private emails published by IRLI’s investigation show, the Arlington County board collaborated on the sanctuary policy with LAJC and other left-wing NGOs --->READ MORE HERE
Human Traffickers and Immigration Fraudsters Have a Consistent Ally: The Radical Ninth Circuit:
In 2020, the Supreme Court handed down a decision, in U.S. v. Sineneng Smith, affirming that it is a crime to encourage illegal immigration. The ruling reversed a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that, in SCOTUS’s view, had acted prematurely. If the Ninth Circuit’s decision had remained in force, an important law that allows punishment for criminal scammers who routinely destroy others’ lives would have been struck down. Unfortunately for the Americans and foreigners victimized by these scammers, activist lawyers seem determined to let them defraud the public freely and the issue is headed to the highest court once again.
The statute at issue is 8 U.S.C. §1324(a)(1)(A)(iv), which makes it a crime for any person to encourage or induce an alien to come to or live in the U.S. while knowing or recklessly ignoring that the alien would be violating the law by doing so. Both Sineneng and the new case now before the Supreme Court, U.S. v. Hansen, involve people convicted under this law: Ms. Sineneng-Smith stole $3.3 million from clients who had no chance at legal status, while Mr. Hansen took in $1.8 million falsely promising lawful status through adult adoptions. Unlike in Sineneng, Hansen himself challenged the law’s constitutionality on appeal and set up the current Supreme Court showdown. How could a law that addresses such obviously criminal behavior be unconstitutional?
The Ninth Circuit’s argument in striking down the law is that it could criminalize harmless speech, like advising illegal aliens about social services or encouraging them to take shelter during natural disasters. If the law actually did these things, it could perhaps violate the First Amendment. Unsurprisingly, however, the Ninth Circuit’s interpretation is wildly wrong. --->READ MORE HERE
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