Thursday, December 29, 2022

Millions in Hundred Dollar Bills Flown to the Taliban for “Humanitarian Aid”: Terrorists are Being Funded in Plain Sight

As the Taliban were taking over Afghanistan, I predicted that Biden would fund the Taliban using “humanitarian aid” as a pretext. Since then, Biden has provided $1.1 billion in Afghan aid.
Despite assurances that the money would not go to the terrorists, the Biden administration issued global licenses authorizing financial transactions with the Taliban and the Al Qaeda allied Haqqani Network that include the “delivery and provision of humanitarian aid”.
Biden looted $3.5 billion from money awarded to the families of 9/11 victims in a lawsuit against the Taliban and put in a “trust fund” to provide “humanitarian aid”. His DOJ then went to court arguing that the judgment for the victims was too large and that it interfered with the Biden administration’s foreign policy in Afghanistan.
Now an Australian Broadcasting Corporation report has revealed massive stacks of hundred dollar bills sitting on the tarmac at Kabul International Airport. ABC noted that “the picture is just one of several images of United States $100 notes boxed, bagged, or bound in plastic, posted on Twitter by the Taliban-controlled central bank of Afghanistan in recent weeks.”
ABC quoted an expert who suggested that there was a lot more than $40 million in the shipment.
“Especially on the runway, it may have been hundreds of millions of dollars,” he said.
A day earlier the bank had announced that it “wants to auction up to (14) million US dollars”.
The purpose of such dollar auctions is to stabilize the value of the ‘Afghani’, the country’s currency, against the dollar. The “humanitarian aid” here appears to consist of millions of dollars being shipped into a terrorist state to prop up its otherwise worthless currency.
The bank claims to have received “humanitarian aid” of $40 million in hundred dollar bills. And the bank described it as the second shipment of cash that had arrived in one week.
Overall this is the third such shipment amounting to $120 million.
The exact origin of the money is unclear, but the packaging is in English and that together with the currency, suggests that it’s either being sent by the Biden administration or with its consent.
A previous shipment of $40 million in August showed bags of cash being flown in through Ariana Afghan Airlines, which had been used to fly Al Qaeda terrorists, drugs and guns, but has been subsidized to charter hostage evacuation flights by the Biden administration.
In the intervening months it has yet to be clarified where all this cash is actually coming from.
The one thing that is abundantly clear is that the concept of humanitarian aid has been perverted into massive shipments of money into terrorist zones, in violation of sanctions, without even the pretense that the money is buying food, medicine or anything we associate with aid.
Propping up Afghanistan’s economy by providing it with a ready supply of cash has been reinterpreted as humanitarian aid when it’s actually foreign aid. But the Biden administration does not want to admit that it’s providing terrorists with massive amounts of foreign aid.
There’s nothing that Biden won’t do for the Taliban that he won’t classify as humanitarian aid. --->READ MORE HERE
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