Sunday, December 25, 2022

Illegal Immigrants Seen Climbing Out of Sewer Manholes and Sneaking into Texas; El Paso Resident Watches Migrants Coming Out of Sewers, Hiding Near Homes: 'We're being invaded': Rosie tells 'Fox & Friends' Biden's border policies are an 'open invitation for another 9/11'

Illegal immigrants seen climbing out of sewer manholes and sneaking into Texas:
Illegal immigrants have been spotted popping out of manholes in downtown El Paso, crawling out of the sewer system to enter the country illegally, according to local reports.
Residents who live near downtown El Paso have been witnessing migrants exiting manholes for weeks now, sometimes in groups as large as 30.
A group of six illegal immigrants was spotted Wednesday night just north of the border wall by a KVIA-TV news crew after having entered the US waste water system via openings at the Rio Grande river, which serves as the border marker.
“They are not using the river anymore, they are using the water tunnels to come in,” local resident Rosalina Tapia told the TV station in October.
After they climb onto the street, Tapia said, she’s seen smugglers waiting for the migrants, ready to take them farther into the country.
“They are telling them to hide behind our back door and hide. While they are hiding, the guy calls someone in English or Spanish to come pick them up,” said Tapia.
Tapia told the station she is looking to buy a gun because she fears for her safety as smugglers have attempted to get into parked cars to make a quick getaway.
“It’s like an all-day, all-night thing,” Tapia explained. “(Smugglers) picked our complex as a pickup zone.”
The City of El Paso said it’s aware of migrants using the city’s sewer system to enter the country illegally --->READ MORE HERE
Fox News Digital / Jon Michael Raasch
El Paso resident watches migrants coming out of sewers, hiding near homes: 'We're being invaded':
Rosie tells 'Fox & Friends' Biden's border policies are an 'open invitation for another 9/11'
An El Paso, Texas resident said Tuesday she has witnessed migrants coming out of go manholes and water tunnels as the border crisis continues to overwhelm border communities.
Rosie joined "Fox & Friends" to discuss the "dangerous" methods migrants have used to cross into the United States and why she feels unsafe in her community.
"The message is [Biden] opened the borders. When they cross, they say, thank you, Joe Biden. They thank Biden for this mess. And this is to me, it's an open invitation for another 9/11 to happen," she told Rachel Campos-Duffy.
"There is a guy that would open the manhole. He stands by the manhole and leads them out. And this is not in pairs, it is 10, 15, 30 at a time," she said, explaining that the groups then hide in a parking lot near homes.
"Once they're out of the manhole, they lead them to our back parking lot. They hide near our back doors, they hide by our bedroom windows. And then later, two cars come in and park in a parking lot. And they're using that as a pickup zone for trafficking and for human smuggling."
Rosie said she feels "very unsafe" and concerned for the people in her community and mentioned an incident in which a child was almost "run over."
"Most of my neighbors are elderly. They walk down the street to the corner store using walkers. There are kids playing outside," she added. --->READ MORE HERE
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