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How's the European Invasion Working Out?: Take Back Control? UK Deportations Down 55 Per Cent Compared to 2019; Farage: Communities Being ‘Changed Beyond Recognition’ by Mass Migration; Seventy-Seven Per Cent of French Say Macron Govt Is Failing to Control Immigration, and related stories

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Take Back Control? UK Deportations Down 55 Per Cent Compared to 2019:
Deportations of foreigners have remained 55 per cent lower than pre-Chinese coronavirus levels, according to figures released by the UK Home Office on Thursday.
Over six years after the British public voted to leave the European Union, largely on the promise from Boris Johnson and others to finally “take back control” of the nation’s borders, that hope has still yet to be realised. While both legal and illegal immigration have soared to record highs, the Tory-led government has also failed to step up immigration enforcement and remove foreign criminals from the country.
On Thursday, the Home Office — the government body tasked with issues of immigration in Britain — revealed that in the year ending in June of 2022, there were just 3,250 foreigners removed from the country. This is a 55 per cent decline from the pre-pandemic and pre-Brexit year of 2019 when an already rock-bottom 7,198 people were deported.
The Home Office noted that the number of deportations have been declining since 2012, but they sharply fell during periods of governmental lockdowns during the Wuhan virus. The government department said that over the last two quarters (January to March and April to June 2022) the number of foreigners removed has increased to around 900 per three-month period. Yet, this is still just half of the 1,800 per quarter seen in 2019. --->READ MORE HERE
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Farage: Communities Being ‘Changed Beyond Recognition’ by Mass Migration:
Brexit champion Nigel Farage has warned that British communities are being “changed beyond recognition” and quality of life eroded as the Conservative Party increases net immigration to over half a million a year to satisfy bosses’ hunger for cheap foreign labour.
Responding to confirmation that net immigration in 2021 set a new all-time record of over 500,000 — with gross immigration over 1.1 million — on his YouTube channel, Farage had harsh words for the political class in general and the Conservatives (Tories) in particular for the influx, despite years of “broken promises” about it being reduced.
“Let’s get some history here: from Windrush, in the late 1940s, up until the turn of the century, approaching 2000, net migration into Britain ran at an average of 30,000 people every year… [for] 50, 60 years it’s running 30,000 a year,” he recalled.
“Then Mr [Tony] Blair gets in and decides we’re going to open up the doors in the most astonishing way; his deliberate attempt to make us a more diverse country,” Farage explained, likely having in mind Labour apparatchik Andrew Neather’s proud boast in late 2009 — the year before the leftist party was forced from office at the ballot box — that “the deliberate policy of ministers from late 2000… was to open up the UK to mass migration” in order “to make the UK truly multicultural… to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.”
“You’d have thought since 2010, since David Cameron got into power, that that might have changed,” Farage continued, this time likely having in mind the Conservatives’ election manifesto pledges ahead of the 2010, 2015, and 2017 general elections to reduce net immigration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands”.
“But no, net migration has gone up consistently to over 200,000 a year, some years even up as high as 300,000,” he said, asserting that the British population has risen by four million people since the Conservatives reclaimed office and by over eight million people since 2001 --->READ MORE HERE
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