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Elon Musk Doesn’t Need An Excuse For Shutting Up Journalists On Twitter; The Left-Wing Journalists Musk Suspended From Twitter Got What They Deserved; Corporate Media Can Stomp And Cry All It Wants, Its Special Twitter Privileges Are Ending

Musk Doesn’t Need An Excuse For Shutting Up Journalists On Twitter:
The rules on censoring Twitter speech were completely random, inconsistent and fake before. I don’t see why it should be any different now.
It should become a Christmas tradition for Elon Musk to suspend the Twitter accounts of little journalist nerds and justify it by choosing at random any one of the excuses they like to use when championing censorship of critics and political opponents. Doxxing! Misinformation! Hateful content!
The rules on censoring Twitter speech were completely random, inconsistent, and fake before. I don’t see why it should be any different now. Besides, it was fun seeing the self-obsessed pro-censorship dummies behave this week as if they had become political prisoners after Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, muted their accounts for tweeting links to material live-tracking his private jet.
Suddenly, reporters at CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and all the rest were scrambling to redefine what it meant to “doxx” someone. Until Thursday, when all of this happened, everyone understood doxxing to mean the publication of a private person’s contact information, like his home address, phone number, or account log-ins. I’d certainly assume that posting a live, minute-by-minute trace of a private person’s location falls under that umbrella.
But Axios’s Sara Fischer went on CNN Friday to amend that definition with a little extra. She said it was only doxxing if there was also “the intent of targeting someone.” Uh, no. That was never the necessary criterion. --->READ MORE HERE
The Left-Wing Journalists Elon Musk Suspended From Twitter Got What They Deserved:
Hypocritical reporters who long thought of Twitter as their own personal fiefdom are getting a little comeuppance. Good.
Elon Musk on Thursday evening temporarily suspended the Twitter accounts of a handful of high-profile journalists who shared real-time location data about him. Good. Musk was right to suspend these accounts. I’m glad it happened, and I hope it keeps happening.
And I say that as someone whose Twitter account has been locked since March simply for saying Rachel Levine is a man. I have no illusions that Musk is some savior for conservatives, or that under his watch Twitter will become a haven for free speech. But I do think it’s about time the leftist corporate media got a taste of their own medicine, in part so their hypocrisy, mendacity, and craven power-grubbing can be exposed to a watching world.
And boy are they obliging. On Friday morning, nearly every corporate media outlet lead with breathless stories (“unprecedented,” Axios called it) lamenting that Musk was attacking “journalists who have criticized him,” and pretending that what they were engaged in didn’t count as doxxing — as if this is about freedom of the press and not ensuring the safety of Musk’s family, or anyone else who might be targeted in real life by radical left-wing ideologues.
And make no mistake, that’s exactly what these suspended “journalists” are — their ranks include former Vox journalist Aaron Rupar, CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan, New York Times reporter Ryan Mac, Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell, The Intercept’s Micah Lee, and the absolutely ridiculous clown Keith Olbermann.
But being a member of the corporate media doesn’t give you a special privilege to target people. As Musk said to a group of journalists in a Twitter Spaces chat he crashed on Thursday night, “You’re not special because you’re a journalist.” --->READ MORE HERE
Corporate Media Can Stomp And Cry All It Wants, Its Special Twitter Privileges Are Ending:
Corporate media ‘journalists’ are crying like children because they no longer get special permission to dox their political enemies.
Before Elon Musk bought Twitter, corporate journalists freely persecuted their political enemies by posting their identities and locations to enable in-person harassment, but not anymore. This week, Musk decided he’s no longer allowing anyone, including journalists, to jeopardize people’s safety via Twitter, and he began temporarily suspending the accounts of offending members of the press.
“Everyone’s going to be treated the same. You’re not special because you’re a journalist,” Musk wrote in a Twitter post.
The crackdown on doxxing is personal for Twitter’s CEO. On Wednesday, Musk reported that his 2-year-old son named “X” was followed by a “crazy stalker” who had mistaken X for Musk. According to Musk, the stalker blocked the car driving his son and “climbed onto the hood.” The incident motivated Musk to suspend several high-profile journalists guilty of doxxing.
This caused the corporate media to fly into hysterics. “Elon Musk censors the press,” said one CNN headline.” “[U]nprecedented,” stated the flabbergasted Axios. “Twitter suspends journalists who wrote about owner Elon Musk,” alleged The Associated Press. “Musk has begun banning journalists who have criticized him on Twitter,” whined Washington Post TikTok reporter Taylor Lorenz.
All this outrage is performative. Firstly, Musk made it clear why the journalists are suspended, and it’s not because they “criticized” him, as Lorenz said. “Criticizing me all day long is totally fine, but doxxing my real-time location and endangering my family is not,” wrote Musk.
Secondly, the propaganda press doesn’t care about freedom of the press or free speech. They cheer on and instigate the de-platforming of competing journalists and news organizations. The only thing the media cares about is losing its monopoly on digital discourse and the special treatment it received from pre-Musk Twitter staff. --->READ MORE HERE
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