Thursday, December 29, 2022

Data: Elites Use Migration to Replace Unwanted Americans; ‘Hire AMERICANS’: Jim Jordan Responds to Biden’s Immigrant Labor Supply Idea

Data: Elites Use Migration to Replace Unwanted Americans:
President Joe Biden has pulled at least 1.9 million additional wage-cutting workers from poor countries, more than reversing the temporary gain under President Donald Trump, according to government data reported by the Center for Immigration Studies.
Biden’s high-migration policies have also contributed to the loss of 2.1 million working Americans who have quit the workforce amid disease, inflation, low wages, bad working conditions, and government disregard, according to the December 21 report by CIS research director Steven Camarota.
The report noted:
In November 2022, there were 29.6 million immigrants (legal and illegal together) working in the United States — 1.9 million more than in November 2019, before the pandemic.

The 29.6 million immigrant workers in November of this year was one million above the long-term trend in the pre-Covid growth rate of immigrant workers — [so] immigrant workers are not “missing”.

In contrast to immigrants, there were 2.1 million fewer U.S.-born Americans working in November 2022 than in November 2019, before the pandemic.

In November of this year, there were 44.9 million working-age [emphasis added] U.S.-born Americans not in the labor force — nearly 10 million more than in 2000.

The U.S.-born working-age population has increased in size since 2000, but if their labor force participation rate was what it was in 2000, there would be 6.5 million more Americans in the labor force.
“The availability of immigrant labor allows us as a society to ignore the plight of all those [Americans] on the economic sidelines,” Camarota told Breitbart News: --->READ MORE HERE
‘Hire AMERICANS’: Jim Jordan responds to Biden’s immigrant labor supply idea:
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) responded to the Biden administration 's idea of lowering inflation through the hiring of immigrants , suggesting that unemployed Americans be considered first.
“Why not just hire AMERICANS looking for jobs?” Jordan tweeted.
While jobless claims have dropped , still more than twice the 5 million job openings that were normally available pre-pandemic remain.
In an effort to bolster the economy and increase the labor supply, President Joe Biden is hoping to tackle immigration reform in the new year, according to Axios. Yet with Republicans now controlling the House, he will face greater opposition.
His plan reportedly includes the hiring of “Dreamers” under the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program or Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act — a cause close to Democrats. In exchange, Republicans would receive increased funding for border security. --->READ MORE HERE
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