Tuesday, December 27, 2022

China’s COVID disaster shows why Americans must reconsider doing business with it; Mask mandates fail to make a comeback, despite pleas from public health experts, and other C-Virus related stories

China’s COVID disaster shows why Americans must reconsider doing business with it:
Beijing reversed its dystopian zero-COVID policy amid mass protests after three years of shuttering homes, businesses and social gatherings. The human cost of those crippling lockdowns was immense, both in China and across our interconnected globe. But news of the long-awaited reversal had investors and supply-chain managers smiling. Markets rose. And for a brief moment, there was optimism that things were going to go “back to normal.”
Then reality struck.
China is struggling to handle a massive surge in coronavirus cases, its “fantastic” homegrown vaccines an obvious failure. Hospitals are overwhelmed. Medical personnel are infected. Citizens are traumatized. And the government’s response — at least for now — is to tell infected people to go to work. The unpredictability is hard to comprehend, and it could all change course again if conditions worsen.
If — or when — that happens, the effects will ripple through America’s economy. Prices will surge even higher. Shelves will be emptier than they already are. Parents will wonder why they can’t get basic medicines to keep their kids healthy.
As the virus itself proved, what happens in Wuhan and Beijing doesn’t stay there. It affects the entire globe, which is why US policy needs to focus on bringing critical industries back to America. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) and I have a proposal to do exactly that. But we also need to convince businesses — supposedly American businesses — that it’s in their interest to move supply chains out of China.
My argument to them is simple. --->READ MORE HERE
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Mask mandates fail to make a comeback, despite pleas from public health experts:
Coronavirus infection rates rose steadily through the first half of November across Los Angeles County, then began to climb sharply around the long Thanksgiving weekend.
As a result, on Dec. 1, the county’s public health director, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, made an announcement that some had been hoping for and others had been dreading: An indoor mask mandate could be coming back for the county’s 10 million residents
“L.A. County will follow the CDC guidance for communities designated at the ‘high community level,’ including universal indoor masking,” Ferrer said, referencing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whose guidelines local and state officials tend to use when making decisions about masking.
In stating her case, Ferrer cited not only COVID-19 but also influenza and the respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, which were creating a viral blizzard some call a “tripledemic.”
Three weeks later, Los Angeles remains mandate-free.
To be sure, plenty of people continue to mask. But like other public health officials across the country, Ferrer chose not to impose a mandate, leaving masking as a matter of personal choice. --->READ MORE HERE
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