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British Officials: Russia Appears to be Prepping for Invasion by Ukraine; Drone Strikes in Russia Seen as Ukrainian Rebuff to Missile Barrages; Satellite Images Show That Up to 10 Bombers Disappeared from Russian Dyagilevo Airbase; Putin Says Ukraine Fight is Taking Longer than Expected, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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British officials: Russia appears to be prepping for invasion by Ukraine:
Almost a year after the Kremlin sent its military across the border into Ukraine, some Russian officials now apparently fear Kyiv is contemplating its own invasion.
Russia has begun extending defensive positions along its border with Ukraine and deep inside its own Belgorod region, British officials said Wednesday.
While some trench digging in Belgorod has been reported since at least April, the new construction appears to include more elaborate systems designed to rebuff an assault by mechanized military units, U.K. military intelligence officials tweeted.
Russian authorities may be promoting such defensive preparations in their internationally recognized territory in order to spark patriotism among their people. --->READ MORE HERE
Satellite image 2022 Maxar Technologies/Handout via REUTERS 
Drone strikes in Russia seen as Ukrainian rebuff to missile barrages:
Twin strikes on air bases deep inside Russian territory have dealt Moscow a major reputational blow and raised questions about why its defences failed, analysts said, as attention turned to the use of drones in the war between neighbours.
Ukrainian officials revelled in the blasts but declined to acknowledge Kyiv's role, after Russia said Ukraine used unmanned Soviet-era aerial vehicles to attack two air force bases in the Ryazan and Saratov areas of south-central Russia.
Neither side has produced concrete evidence of what kinds of weapons were used and who was behind the attacks.
But the Russian statements suggested Ukraine may have used a Tupolev Tu-141 or Tu-143 reconnaissance drone, which date to the 1970s but could have been carrying explosives this time, according to some experts.
Kyiv also said on Sunday it was making progress with a new indigenous combat drone with a range of 1,000 km (665 miles).
Moscow said Monday's attacks killed three of its servicemen and wounded four more, as well as damaging two warplanes. On Tuesday, a third Russian airfield in Kursk, which lies closer to Ukraine, was set ablaze in another drone strike.
Military analysts saw the attacks as Kyiv's response to Russia on the same day that Moscow conducted another wave of missile strikes on critical infrastructure in Ukraine. --->READ MORE HERE
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