Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Rise as Border Chaos Spreads; Migrants Attacked Customs and Border Patrol, and It Wasn't the First Time

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Assaults on Border Patrol agents rise as border chaos spreads:
It might have seemed like a “Three Stooges” routine, except the stakes were much higher for accused migrant smuggler Jose Quinonez-Lopez and the Border Patrol agent he was trying to escape.
After a chase, the agent caught up with Mr. Quinonez-Lopez and was straddling him to try to make an arrest when the smuggling suspect began jabbing the agent in the genitals. The agent moved his hand to block the jabs, and Mr. Quinonez-Lopez poked the agent in the face. When the agent moved to protect his face, Mr. Quinonez-Lopez ripped at his genitals again.
The agent wasn’t seriously hurt, but Mr. Quinonez-Lopez’s attack was so brutal that he managed to tear through the agent’s uniform pants and even his underwear, authorities said in documents filing criminal charges.
The Nov. 15 incident is part of a growing number of attacks on agents at the border. More migrants and smugglers are ready to fight rather than flee or surrender.
October saw 61 Border Patrol agents assaulted along the southern border, in 48 incidents, or more than any month since the start of fiscal year 2020. By contrast, last October had just 28 incidents and October 2020 tallied just 16 assault incidents on agents at the southern border.
The trend has been heading in the wrong direction altogether. In fiscal year 2022, 539 agents were assaulted, up from 441 in 2021 and 359 in 2020.
Officials at Customs and Border Protection downplayed the October numbers.
“United States Border Patrol agents are trained, equipped, and authorized to respond appropriately when faced with a threat,” the agency said in a statement to The Washington Times. “However, when harm is attempted, CBP works with federal and state prosecutors to ensure appropriate cases are referred for prosecution.”
The agency said the 61 assaults this October across 48 incidents weren’t far off from the numbers for most of 2022 and were in line with what would be expected given the number of illegal crossers. --->READ MORE HERE
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Migrants Attacked Customs and Border Patrol, and It Wasn't the First Time:
On November 2, 2022, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was attacked by migrants. Migrants were attempting to cross the Texas-Mexican border and the Border Patrol fired back with pepper balls at the crowd along the El Paso border. Migrants are waiting in Mexico until Title 42 is lifted on December 20 after a federal judge declared disallowed the COVID era ruling.
U. S. Senator John Cornyn said:
“Title 42 has been one of the few remaining tools that have been used to prevent even greater chaos than what I've described, and now with it potentially likely going away, even that tool will be lost.”
This was not the first attack against border patrol and not likely the last.
In the fiscal year 2022, 539 Border Patrol agents were assaulted, up from 441 in 2021, and 359 in the year before.
Last month in October, agents were assaulted 61 times along the southern border. This was the most in any month since 2020.
Officials at the U.S. Border Patrol said: --->READ MORE HERE
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