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Amnesty for DACA Flunks Border Security Test; Will GOP Commit Political Suicide With Bipartisan Amnesty Bill?

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Amnesty for DACA Flunks Border Security Test:
The U.S.’s nearly two-year-old border crisis continues unabated, yet Senate Democrats and some Republicans are foolishly resuming a push to grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands—and perhaps millions—of people living in this country illegally.
There is a simple test to determine if a given policy will reduce illegal immigration, and amnesty—whether for Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients or any other group—clearly fails the test.
Illegal aliens coming to the U.S. generally want five things. They want to enter the country, stay here, work here, send money home, and bring family here. Policies that allow or facilitate any of those five elements encourage more illegal immigration. Policies that prevent those goals decrease illegal immigration.
Let’s begin with illegally entry. Policies such as having a wall system, using the Remain in Mexico program, and requiring asylum seekers to request protection in the first safe country they enter (and returning them there if they do not) reduce illegal entries. Illegal encounters at the border significantly decreased when the Trump administration implemented these policies.
Yet, the Biden administration halted the wall construction and ended the Remain in Mexico program. Moreover, it actively encourages all illegal aliens crossing our border to apply for asylum, even though it knows full well that most are ineligible for the once important protection benefit. The result? Over 5 million illegal alien entries since Biden took office.
These and other ill-considered federal, state, and local policies have now so “normalized” illegal immigration as to almost erase the line between legal and illegal immigration. --->READ MORE HERE
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Will GOP Commit Political Suicide With Bipartisan Amnesty Bill?
One of the more frustrating aspects of being a conservative Republican is the constant need to look over one’s shoulder for stealth attacks by moderate squish members of the GOP on important issues like health care, gun control, and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Such ideological shivs in the back always arrive under the execrable guise of bipartisanship.
It should be noted upfront that I am not at all opposed to true bipartisanship. Nothing resembling it exists in Washington though. What bipartisanship means now is that the Republicans cave to the Democrats and move leftward on an issue in order to avoid having The New York Times write something mean about them.
Ever since last month’s red trickle election, it seems as if the Republicans are trying to prove to the electorate that they shouldn’t have won big anyway. The latest indication of that comes in the form of a proposed Senate bill on amnesty, which my friend and colleague Matt Vespa wrote about over at Townhall:
I’m not a staunch social conservative, but you can arguably say that the recent repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act didn’t earn any dividends with GOP base voters. So, what do Republicans want to do now in the lame-duck session? Pass a grand bargain on immigration that could lead to millions of illegal aliens being put on a pathway to citizenship. --->READ MORE HERE
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