Tuesday, November 22, 2022

WELL THEY'VE WON: GOP House to focus on spending, immigration, Hunter Biden — IF THEY WIN; GOP Will Launch Probes into Hunter Biden, Afghanistan IF PARTY WINS HOUSE: Rep. Banks; House Republicans pledged to expand their investigation into Joe Biden when Republicans CONTROL THE HOUSE

GOP House to focus on spending, immigration, Hunter Biden — if they win:
With 22 House races still up for grabs as of Saturday, the Republicans remain seven seats away from wresting control of Congress’s lower chamber away from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.
If they manage it, the GOP will have the power to hamstring President Biden’s legislative agenda for the next two years, tamp down his spending, and investigate his administration, the Biden family, and even the chief executive himself.
“Now we have to deliver,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), pointing to the party’s “Commitment to America” election platform that promised to expand domestic energy production, repeal the 87,000-agent expansion of the IRS, and probe Biden’s Justice Department and the origins of COVID-19.
Immigration and border security — which this week’s Golden/TIPP poll cited as the main concern of 38% of those surveyed, including 21% of Democrats — will likely be at the top of the Republican to-do list if they nail down the win. --->READ MORE HERE
GOP will launch probes into Hunter Biden, Afghanistan if party wins House: Rep. Banks:
Rep. Jim Banks vowed Sunday that Republicans would probe the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal and scandal-scarred first son Hunter Biden if they win control of the House — after the GOP suffered a Senate setback Saturday.
“Oversight is a primary function of the Congress. And for the last few years, there has been no oversight of the Biden agenda and the Biden administration,” Banks (R-Ind.) told host Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday.”
“So that has to be a focal point of every single committee in the Congress, especially in the house under Republican control.”
While the Democrats held onto power in the Senate with Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Mastos’ win in Nevada, control of the House is still up in the air.
Banks, a veteran of Afghanistan, said “no one has ever been held accountable” for the haphazard removal of US troops from the war-torn country last August.
“There’s never been an investigation into the pullout of Afghanistan that cost the lives of 13 of our heroes,” said Banks, who is among a number of Republicans jockeying for House majority whip if they control the chamber. --->READ MORE HERE
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