Sunday, November 6, 2022

Ukraine Gives Major Russian Force Choice 'to retreat or to die'; Occupiers Panic because of Ukrainian Artillery: Only 1 in 20 Survive; Ukraine Capable of Retaking Kherson from Russia; Ukraine Says It has Downed Double the Number of Warplanes Moscow Lost in Afghanistan, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine gives major Russian force choice 'to retreat or to die':
A major Russian military force faces a crisis in southern Ukraine, according to Western officials who expect Ukrainian troops to liberate the crucial city of Kherson in the coming weeks.
“They are creating circumstances where Russians have two options: either to retreat or to die because they don't have additional equipment,” a senior European official told the Washington Examiner.
Ukrainian officials have worked to present Russia with that agonizing choice during a fall counteroffensive characterized by effective use of artillery and step-by-step offensives by small infantry units. Russian forces tasked with holding the Kherson region’s namesake capital city must contend not only with the methodical opponent before them, whose efficacy has been described even by Russian military analysts, but also the logistical problems that arise from the mighty Dnieper River that bisects the Kherson region and divides them from their supplies further east.
“They will be evacuating pretty soon,” another senior European official predicted. “There is [an army], some 20,000-strong army on this right bank of the river — a Russian army with proven, elite troops — without proper supplies. ... If they let them be encircled by the Ukrainian army, they could lose their most valuable troops there.”
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, for his part, doubts that Russian President Vladimir Putin will authorize such a withdrawal. “They are not actually ready to leave the region yet, even if they risk being surrounded by our troops,” he said, according to an unofficial translation of an interview with Italy’s Corriere Della Sera. “Russians keep their best units in place.” --->READ MORE HERE
Occupiers panic because of Ukrainian artillery: only 1 in 20 survive:
The Russian occupiers admit that the Ukrainian artillery is powerful, and only 1 in 20 occupiers survive the attacks.
Source: Press service of the Security Service of Ukraine, which published the intercepted calls of the occupiers
Quote: "The missile and artillery units of Ukraine make the Russian army panic. In calls intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine, the occupiers admit that only 1 in 20 Russians survive the attacks of Ukrainian artillery. This collection [of intelligence] is timed precisely to coincide with Missile Troops and Artillery Day, [celebrating the fighters of] which make the occupiers panic every day."
Quote from occupier: "We have no personnel left… We had, like, eight companies with 120 soldiers in each. Now there are only 45 people left…And this is the artillery war. Grad, Uragan, Smerch, Tornado, Vihr multiple launch rocket systems won’t shut up at all."
Details: The Security Service of Ukraine noted that this is the testimony of a Russian soldier deployed on the Donetsk front.
Another occupier compliments the Ukrainian soldiers: "Their artillery work is dope. It blows an armoured vehicle up in half. We don’t know how to shoot. I just wanna escape from here as soon as possible." --->READ MORE HERE
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