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Ukraine 'blows Up Russian Oil Depot 190 Miles from Moscow in Drone Strike' Hours After Putin's Forces Launched Barrage of 90 Missiles; Why Ukraine Chooses to Negotiate on the Battlefield, not at peace talks; Ukraine tells US, allies it attempted missile interception near site of Polish strike; Stray missile hit in Poland casts spotlight on NATO air defence gaps, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine 'blows up Russian oil depot 190 miles from Moscow in drone strike' hours after Putin's forces launched barrage of 90 missiles:
Images show a suspected Ukrainian military drone attack on a Russian oil depot just 190 miles from Moscow.
The 4am attack 'blew up an oil depot in the settlement of Stalnoi Kon', said regional governor Andrey Klychkov.
Unverified images on social media showed what appeared to be a single rupture on the side of an oil storage tank, blackened by soot.
The logo of Russia's state-controlled pipeline operator Transneft can be seen on the tank, which state television said was believed to be empty.  The alleged drone attack left a crater some 12ft deep, according to one report.
Since the start of Russia's offensive in Ukraine, several fuel or ammunition depots in southern Russia have been attacked by drones or helicopters, with authorities blaming Ukrainian forces.
The latest apparent attack comes a day after Russia fired almost 100 missiles at cities across Ukraine, causing three deaths and cutting the power supply to millions. --->READ MORE HERE
Why Ukraine chooses to negotiate on the battlefield, not at peace talks:
When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky proposed his 10-point peace plan to G20 leaders in Bali on Nov. 15, he had only recently returned from a historic visit to Kherson, the liberation of which marks another great step towards the return of all Russian-occupied territory.
Touching on factors such as food and nuclear security, Zelensky’s 10 points made an effort to show the world that Ukraine’s victory was in their interests. Emphasis was placed above all on the restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty, and a rejection of empty calls for ceasefire.
“I want this aggressive Russian war to end justly and on the basis of the United Nations Charter and international law,” Zelensky said. “Ukraine should not be offered to conclude compromises with its conscience, sovereignty, territory and independence.”
In the week leading up to Ukraine’s stunning liberation of Kherson, Western media was once again swept with a wave of discussion about the need for Ukraine and Russia to negotiate a ceasefire to the full-scale war.
A spate of calls from high-profile commentators and officials have once again implored the White House to push Ukraine to the negotiating table, citing the threat of nuclear escalation initiated by a desperate Vladimir Putin facing total humiliation in Ukraine. “Ukraine’s battlefield successes could go too far,” argues Georgetown professor Charles Kupchan in a Nov. 2 New York Times op-ed. “The return of all of the Donbas and Crimea to Ukrainian control is not worth risking a new world war.” --->READ MORE HERE
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