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The Jihad on Man's Best Friend; Palestinian Mayor Offers Bounty to Residents Who Kill Stray Dogs, and related stories

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The Jihad on Man's Best Friend:
On Nov. 4, 2022, Khaled Abu Toameh, an Arab journalist, tweeted: “The mayor of Hebron [a Palestinian city] offered 20 shekels to anyone who kills a dog in his city. Palestinians took to the streets, torturing and killing dozens of dogs.” The tweet was accompanied by a picture of what appeared to be Palestinians beating or striking to death a dog with sticks.
Such barbaric behavior for what is otherwise considered in the USA as “man’s best friend” is not uncommon in the Muslim world.
Thus, on July 26, 2022, another similar tweet appeared: “The savage rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran decided to raid a dog shelter in the desert and kill all of the 300 dogs being taken care of by volunteers. Only a few dogs survived. The entire shelter turned into a bloodbath.”
According to another tweet that appeared one day later, the bloodbath was even worse: “The ruthless regime in Iran has raided a dog shelter and killed more than 1,700 stray dogs protected by volunteers. Very few dogs survived. This volunteer woman in tears holds a dead dog and says ‘This was the most vulnerable & obedient one.’”
And a few days before that, in Qatar, on July 10, 2022: --->READ MORE HERE
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Palestinian mayor offers bounty to residents who kill stray dogs
The Palestinian mayor of Hebron has called for residents in the West Bank city to kill stray dogs in exchange for a cash reward.
Mayor Tayseer Abu Sneineh proposed the bounty of 20 shekels, or $5.50 USD, during a radio broadcast earlier this week, as a possible solution to the city’s overpopulation of strays which he said were “haunting the lives of Hebron residents,” the Jerusalem Post reported.
At least some city dwellers took the order to heart, and social media was soon flooded with images of stray dogs being killed or tortured.
Abu Sneineh was sentenced to life in prison along with three others for his involvement in a terrorist attack in Hebron in 1980 which left six students dead, including two American citizens. He and his conspirators were later released as part of prisoner exchanges.
Abu Sneineh has served as the city mayor since 2017. --->READ MORE HERE
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