Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Russia Blames Ukraine for ‘massive’ Drone Attack on Navy in Crimea; Unmanned surface vehicles hit Admiral Makarov, flagship of Russian Black Sea Fleet; UKR Armed Forces Eliminate Group of 300 RU's Preparing an Assault Near Maiorsk; Zelenskyy: Russian Conscripts are So Poorly Prepared that Russia will soon need another wave of Mobilization, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Russia blames Ukraine for ‘massive’ drone attack on navy in Crimea:
Ukrainian forces launched the most “massive” drone attack “in the history of the conflict” at the headquarters of the Kremlin’s Black Sea fleet in Crimea, according to Russian officials, who said Saturday they would no longer participate in a United Nations-brokered deal to ship grain and other products from Ukrainian ports in retaliation.
Russia’s 410-foot naval flagship, The Admiral Makarov, appeared to be damaged in the late Friday attack at Sevastopol Bay, in which explosions rocked the heavily fortified navy ship yard, according to the Sunday Times of London. A minesweeper was also slightly damaged, the outlet reported.
“Today at night, the most massive attack by UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and remote-controlled surface vehicles in the waters of the Sevastopol bay was undertaken,” said Russia-installed Crimea governor Mikhael Razojaev in an interview with Russia’s TASS news agency.
The extent of the damage — some captured on video footage showing fires and smoke at several locations around the naval base– could not be verified.
The Russian navy had earlier repelled a drone attack in which all of the devices had been “shot down,” Razojaev said on Telegram.
The late Friday attack — part of a major counteroffensive by Ukraine to regain territory annexed by Russia in the southern part of the country — caused minor damage to the Black Sea port fleet, which was involved in protecting convoys exporting grain from Ukraine, Razojaev said. --->READ MORE HERE
Sevastopol: Unmanned surface vehicles hit Admiral Makarov, flagship of Russian Black Sea Fleet
At least three ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, including the Admiral Makarov flagship, were damaged as a result of the unmanned surface vessel [USV] attack on 29 October.
Source: GeoConfirmed, a volunteer-managed outlet mapping the war in Ukraine based on geolocations, on Twitter
Details: GeoConfirmed investigators have analysed footage from the unmanned surface vessels [USVs are speedboat-size vessels that can pack hundreds of pounds of explosives – ed.], which roamed the harbour and the sea near Sevastopol.
The investigators released footage of an attack on an Admiral Grigorovich-class frigate. They concluded that the Admiral Makarov is the only one that matches this description in the Black Sea. The footage stops when the USV hits the vessel and explodes.
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