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No, Voters Didn’t Back Dem Agenda, GOP Must Probe COVID Origins and Other Commentary; The Covid Medicaid Money Grab: Millions are on the rolls who don’t qualify—and the Biden administration is determined to keep them there, and other C-Virus related stories

No, voters didn’t back Dem agenda, GOP must probe COVID origins and other commentary:
Eye on elex: No, Voters Didn’t Back Dem Agenda
“Democrats would be sorely mistaken to assume that a durable majority of voters endorsed their agenda in this election,” warns Yuval Levin at The New York Times. “The 2022 election was . . . basically a rerun of 2020,” which “can easily look like an endorsement of the status quo,” but that’s wrong: Even in Ohio and North Carolina, “support for Democrats among working-class swing voters clearly has low ceilings,” and “their standing with Hispanic working-class voters is precarious.” Dems also “will have to defend 23” of the 34 Senate seats up for election in 2024. “If one party can learn its lesson” from the midterms “while the other doesn’t, it could find itself with an extraordinary opportunity to break out of our age of deadlock.”
Libertarian: China’s Climate Nothingburgers
“China has been running a climate change con” for at least a decade, rails Reason’s Ronald Bailey. Its latest shtick: President Xi Jinping “magnanimously” agreed to reengage with the United States on the issue after Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan prompted him to suspend talks. “This supposed breakthrough was widely hailed.” Yet consider the record: In a similarly “historic” 2015 announcement, Xi merely reaffirmed China’s goal of peaking emissions by 2030. In 2015, it “reiterated its ‘pledge’ ” — meaning 60% more greenhouse gases. Last year, in yet another “supposed breakthrough,” Beijing agreed to phase down coal consumption by 2030. That, too, may have been a “stage-managed nothingburger,” but China’s recent agreement to keep channels open makes “a nothingburger look tasty.” --->READ MORE HERE
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WSJ: The Covid Medicaid Money Grab:
Millions are on the rolls who don’t qualify—and the Biden administration is determined to keep them there.
The government is wasting more than $16 billion of taxpayers’ money a month keeping an estimated 21 million Medicaid recipients enrolled who earn too much to be on the program. Now the Biden administration is preparing a mandate that will make this crisis of taxpayer abuse permanent and lead to even more fiscal pain. State leaders are the only ones who can stop it, and they have to act soon.
In March 2020, Congress started giving states extra Medicaid funding on the condition that they maintain enrollment for everyone, even recipients who start making too much money to qualify. This policy, which is tied to the federal public-health emergency, was supposed to be temporary, lasting as long as the Covid pandemic required it. Though President Biden declared victory over the pandemic more than a year ago, his administration is set to renew the emergency declaration for the 12th time in January, likely keeping it in effect until April 2023.
Washington is driving up the national debt at a time when government spending is already fueling inflation, and the states are dealing with so many ineligible Medicaid recipients that the federal boost isn’t enough. We estimate that states are losing a combined $1.6 billion a month, on top of more than $14 billion in federal red ink. Eventually, taxpayers must pick up both tabs.
Governors and state lawmakers know they have a crisis, but they’ve waited for the emergency declaration to end. At that point, under current policy, the extra funding would dry up and the restrictions on removing ineligible people would disappear. No elected official wants to be accused of kicking vulnerable people off health insurance, so waiting has likely seemed the politically safer move. --->READ MORE HERE
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