Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Midterm Money Men: 10 Biggest Political Donors This Cycle as Total Spending to Near $17 Billion

The 2022 midterm cycle is shaping up to be one of the most expensive on record, with both parties spending billions in their efforts to capture control of the House, the Senate, and governorships.
Election-related spending is expected to surpass $16.7 billion, according to an analysis from OpenSecrets.
The most expensive race on the ballot this year has been the one for Pennsylvania Senate, with spending in the contest exceeding $300 million from the candidates’ campaigns and outside groups. While millions of people contributed small amounts to campaigns and candidates, a handful of wealthy donors together poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the race.
Here are the 10 largest individual donors, according to OpenSecrets.
George Soros
A perennial Democratic donor and something of a bogeyman on the right, Soros gave a whopping $128,485,971 to Democrats this cycle.
That far exceeded what he contributed during the 2018 midterm election, when he donated just $20 million.
Soros has gained increased notoriety among Republicans for his successful efforts over the past several years to fund liberal district attorney candidates in cities that have, since electing the Soros-backed DAs, seen an increase in crime.
Richard Uihlein
Shipping magnate Richard Uihlein donated $80,707,168 to Republicans this cycle. He is the top Republican donor in the 2022 midterm cycle.
Uihlein has given to a number of anti-abortion causes and has also given heavily in the Wisconsin Senate race, backing Republican Sen. Ron Johnson.
Kenneth Griffin
The CEO of hedge fund Citadel, Kenneth Griffin has given $68,557,100 to Republicans this cycle.
Citadel announced this year that it would move its headquarters from Chicago to Miami because of crime, as a number of other companies have done this year.
A spokesperson for Griffin told CNBC in October that his aim in putting so much money into political races this year is to “broaden the tent of the Republican Party.”
Jeffrey & Janine Yass
Jeffrey Yass has given $47,296,500 to Republicans and their outside spending groups in 2022.
Described as Pennsylvania’s richest resident, Yass has invested heavily this cycle in a group that attacked Democratic candidates on school closures and critical race theory. --->READ MORE about the rest of the 10 HERE
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