Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Hispanics Across Arizona, Florida, Texas Abandon Democrats: ‘The Party Doesn’t Care About Us’; Dems Once Believed Hispanics Were Key to the Future. Now, They’re Leading the GOP to Midterm Victory

Matthew Busch for The Washington Post via Getty Images
Hispanics Across Arizona, Florida, Texas Abandon Democrats: ‘The Party Doesn’t Care About Us’:
Hispanic Americans, gravitating to the nationalist-populist wing of the Republican Party, are turning on Democrats over the top issues in this year’s midterm elections: Crime, inflation, immigration, and a corporate-backed woke social agenda.
Tim Alberta for The Atlantic traveled across Arizona, Florida, and Texas to find that Hispanics who had been voting for Democrats for decades have since turned on the party as it moves toward an economic and social agenda embraced by white college-educated Americans.
The move, as The Atlantic details, is coalescing working and middle class Hispanics into the fold with white non-college-educated Americans to shape the GOP base.
In 2016, former President Trump won about 62 percent of white working class voters — more than any other Republican dating back to 1980. Still, as of 2016, there were 44 million white working class voters who were not registered to vote.
Turning out just 10 percent more of those non-registered white working class voters, coupled with a growing number of Hispanic Americans moving towards Republicans, could amount to a red wall that would be devastating for Democrats nationwide.
In Arizona, longtime Hispanic Democrats said, “The party doesn’t care about us” as political scientist Ruy Teixeira confirmed, “It was the college-educated white voters who won the election for Biden,” not Hispanic support. --->READ MORE HERE
Dems once believed Hispanics were key to the future. Now, they’re leading the GOP to midterm victory:
Hispanics leading Republicans' ‘coalition of the ascendant’ in huge turnaround
Whatever happened to the Democratic Party's "coalition of the ascendant?"
According to leading progressives during the Obama years, this collection of growing American factions, led by Hispanics, was supposed to deliver Democrats an enduring governing majority. Yet today, increasing Hispanic support for Republicans is poised to deliver Congress back to Republicans.
"A funny thing happened to the Republican Party on its way to political oblivion," writes James Taranto from The Wall Street Journal. "It started attracting more Hispanic voters. Yes, even during the Trump years." In fact, President Donald Trump cut Democrats' outperformance among Hispanics from 42 points in 2016 to 26 points in 2020.
Recent polls suggest that margin will shrink significantly again this cycle. A Pew Research survey finds that 77% of Hispanics are dissatisfied with the country's direction, and 54% disapprove of President Joe Biden's job performance.
This shift in Hispanic political support shouldn't come as a big surprise. Hispanics have been among the biggest losers of the Biden economy. They are disproportionately impacted by ongoing historic inflation and record gas prices that are a direct consequence of Democrats' reckless spending and energy prohibitions. --->READ MORE HERE
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