Monday, November 28, 2022

El Paso Neighborhood Overrun with Migrants as Border Crisis Rages: ‘We don’t know if they have guns’; Migrants Use El Paso Airport as Shelter Amid Surge, end of NYC Bussing

El Paso neighborhood overrun with migrants as border crisis rages: ‘We don’t know if they have guns’:
As El Paso becomes the number one location for immigrants to cross into the US, residents of the Texas city tell The Post they’re now overrun with illegal immigrants who are coming to their neighborhoods, prowling through their yards and may be carrying weapons.
“It’s real bad because sometimes there’s up to 10, 15 of them running all over,” Luis Lujan, who lives near El Paso’s Ascarate Park, less than two miles from the border, told The Post.
In the area where Lujan lives, migrants either climb over the border wall or cut holes in the nine-foot barrier dividing the US from Mexico.
Lujan first noticed immigrants in his neighborhood two years ago, as they ran through the neighborhood to evade Border Patrol. He said they often end up hiding in people’s yards.
“Ever since Biden said, ‘Come on over,’ they’re coming over,” Lujan said. “This was like a freeway to them.”
Lujan’s neighbors are mostly elderly residents with modest incomes. He explained they report the illegals to US Border Patrol. --->READ MORE HERE
Migrants use El Paso airport as shelter amid surge, end of NYC bussing:
A relentless surge of immigrants crossing the border into El Paso, Texas, is threatening to overwhelm its airport — with stranded migrants encamped on the floor since the city shuttered a welcome center and stopped bussing them to places like New York City.
After El Paso ended its charter bus program — which took almost 11,000 immigrants to the Big Apple over two months — migrants crossings at Texas’ biggest border city are increasingly dependent on the airport or commercial buses to get out of town.
“Our airport right now is really bad,” said El Paso City Council member Claudia Rodriguez. “Some people are sleeping at the airport.”
“They’re {immigrants} being released there by the Border Patrol. Basically, they’re … handling it at this point,” she lamented, adding most El Paso residents are unaware of the pileup.
El Paso International Airport aviation director Sam Rodriguez acknowledged the troubling numbers of migrants stuck at the facility.
“We’ve certainly seen an increase of folks at the airport especially on the overnights here in the last couple of days,” Rodriguez told The Post last week. “It’s a matter of the volume (that) continues to come through.” --->READ MORE HERE
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