Friday, November 4, 2022

China Locks Down More Than 232 Million, Isolates Macau Hotel As “Zero-Covid” Policy Continues; China iPhone Workers Scale Fences, Flee Factory Locked Down Over Strict COVID Policy, and other C-Virus related stories

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China Locks Down More Than 232 Million, Isolates Macau Hotel As “Zero-Covid” Policy Continues
The Chinese economy is already struggling because of the nation’s “Zero-Covid” policy, which continues to enforce absolute shutdowns because of small Covid-19 outbreaks.
Today, authorities took the step of quarantining the MGM Cotai in Macau, one of the major hotels in that gambling hub. In contrast to Las Vegas, which is booming post-pandemic, Macau has struggled to regain its footing, throwing several of its US-based companies into a financial sinkhole as travel restrictions limit the number of customers.
“In compliance with the Macau Special Administrative Region Government of Pandemic Prevention and Control, our restaurants, spa, gym, swimming pool, and retail shops in MGM Cotai are closed and shuttle bus service for MGM Cotai is suspended until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience,” the casino said in a statement.
Today’s move comes as new lockdowns have surfaced in Wuhan, where the Covid virus is suspected of originating. Also, Guangzhou’s schools and restaurants have been suspended, while Beijing and Shanghai have seen certain districts targeted for lockdowns. --->READ MORE HERE
China iPhone workers scale fences, flee factory locked down over strict COVID policy:
Workers at China’s largest iPhone factory scaled fences after being locked inside the plant amid the country’s stringent measures to curb the spread of COVID.
Stunning video from the Communist nation showed workers at the Foxconn plant in the central city of Zhengzhou climbing over the perimeter fence Sunday and trekking back to their homes.
“There were so many people on the road, as if we were escaping from a famine,” said a Foxconn worker in his 30s surnamed Yuan, who said he scaled fences in order to leave the plant and return to his central China hometown of Hebi.
Workers at the factory, which employs 200,000, have been locked inside since Oct. 14 after an alleged COVID outbreak.
Since the lockdown began, conditions inside the plant have worsened, according to the workers. Trash had begun piling up in the hallways, and last week, the plant banned all dine-in catering. Workers had to eat meals in their dormitories, some crowded with as many as 11 people.
All the while, employees were expected to continue working full days, even ramping up production with the release of Apple’s new iPhone 14. --->READ MORE HERE
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