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Border Numbers Worsened in October; Historic Number of Gotaways; Almost 87,000 Unknown Illegal Aliens Got Past Border Patrol in October: Provisional Data

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Border numbers worsened in October; historic number of gotaways:
Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 210,000 illegal immigrants at the southern border in October, according to preliminary numbers obtained by the Federation for American Immigration Reform that show yet another rise in the level of chaos along the U.S.-Mexico boundary.
Agents tallied another 86,796 “known gotaways” — migrants that they spotted crossing, and know they weren’t able to apprehend. That’s believed to be the highest number ever detected and paints an even grimmer picture of what’s going on at the border.
In parts of Arizona, agents have reported missing roughly as many migrants as they managed to catch.
The 209,664 illegal border jumpers are up more than 30% compared to October 2021, when agents tallied 159,113 apprehensions. And it trounces the Trump years, when roughly 69,000 were caught in October 2020, and just 35,000 were nabbed in October 2019.
The numbers are labeled preliminary. Homeland Security usually waits until the middle of the month — or later — to release its data.
FAIR, which obtained the numbers, said voters deserved to see it now.
“Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas only releases border numbers extremely late because he doesn’t want the American people to see that he has created a lawless, greased-up turnstile into the United States. These are numbers the American people have a right to see in a timely manner, and we’re here to help,” said R.J. Hauman, director of government relations at FAIR. --->READ MORE HERE
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Almost 87,000 Unknown Illegal Aliens Got Past Border Patrol in October: Provisional Data:
Border Patrol agents apprehended 209,664 illegal aliens along the southern border during October, according to provisional Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data obtained by The Epoch Times.
However, it’s the “gotaways” that make up the most notable increase.
Each month, Border Patrol agents record the number of illegal aliens that they detect but don’t catch, which they call “gotaways.” However, that number isn’t publicly available and the number that go undetected is impossible to estimate.
Gotaways are generally described as illegal aliens who would have no legal pathway to enter the United States, and they include previously deported aliens and criminals.
During the month of October, agents recorded almost 87,000 gotaways along the southern border, double the number recorded in August.
For the first time, the agency has split the gotaway numbers into two separate categories: Border Zone (68,393 in October) and Interior Zone (18,403).
The numbers reflect a marked shift in illegal border traffic, with the El Paso sector recording 20,460 gotaways, almost triple the number in April. The El Paso sector includes New Mexico, and aside from the city itself, most of that border region is remote ranchland. --->READ MORE HERE
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