Monday, November 21, 2022

Biden won’t say if he pressed Xi Jinping on fentanyl, COVID-19 origins; Biden kowtows to Xi Jinping and lets China get away with murder, and other C-Virus related stories

Biden won’t say if he pressed Xi Jinping on fentanyl, COVID-19 origins
President Biden on Thursday refused to answer a question about whether he pressed Chinese President Xi Jinping on fentanyl exports and the origins of COVID-19 when they met this week — as House Republicans prepare to investigate the Biden family’s extensive financial links to Beijing.
Fentanyl and COVID-19 claimed about as many American lives in recent years as all of the nation’s wars combined, but a White House readout didn’t mention either after Biden’s three-hour Monday meeting with Xi in Bali, Indonesia.
“President Biden, is it true that you did not mention fentanyl or COVID origins to the Chinese president? How could that be true after more than 1 million Americans died?” a reporter for The Post shouted at Biden on the White House lawn as he returned from Asia.
Biden approached the press corps after hearing the after-midnight inquiry, but declined to answer. He took a different question instead about the Russia-Ukraine conflict and contradicted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s claim that it wasn’t a Ukrainian missile that struck Poland this week.
The president ignored additional attempts by The Post to get an answer and walked into the White House. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden kowtows to Xi Jinping and lets China get away with murder:
The much ballyhooed meeting in Bali between the American president and the Chinese dictator was striking — for what wasn’t discussed.   
Among the unmentionables were fentanyl, Uyghur, and — the big one — COVID.
It’s almost like Joe Biden was sitting in the Confucius Institute classroom at Stanford University, where certain topics are forbidden. Chief among these are Tibet, Taiwan and Tiananmen — the “three T’s” as they are called.
(I will spare you an abbreviation for fentanyl, Uyghur, and COVID.)
Fentanyl should be high on any list of agenda items to be discussed with the Chinese side. More than 100,000 young Americans die every year because of the collaboration between Chinese drug manufacturers and the Mexican cartels in the production of the deadly drug.
Xi Jinping could stop the flow of opioid precursors to Mexico overnight if he chose to. But of course he doesn’t, because it’s a triple win for him. By running drugs, China makes money, weakens its chief adversary, and exacts revenge on the West for the Opium Wars — one fentanyl death at a time, all at the same time.
So why didn’t Biden protest the deadly chemical warfare — the Third Opium War — that China is waging by proxy against the United States?
One reason might be that discussing fentanyl would call attention to the broken border, which the Biden administration continues to claim is “secure.” Mention opioids and the obvious riposte by Xi would be, “if you controlled your border, that wouldn’t be a problem.”
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