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Biden to More Rapidly Bus, Fly Border Crossers into American Communities as Title 42 Ends; Where Have Released Family Unit Border-Crossers (INVADERS) Settled?

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Biden to More Rapidly Bus, Fly Border Crossers into American Communities as Title 42 Ends:
President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is executing a plan that will more rapidly see border crossers and illegal aliens bused and flown into the United States interior when Title 42, the public health authority used to deter illegal immigration, ends in 35 days.
During testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Thursday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas confirmed that the agency is following through on a prior plan that will expand American taxpayer funding to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to have them robustly bus and fly border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities.
The plan is DHS’s response to a federal judge striking down Title 42 this week. The public health authority was first imposed by former President Trump in 2020 to allow Border Patrol agents to very quickly remove border crossers and illegal aliens arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Rather than appealing the judge’s decision, Mayorkas asked the court for five weeks to end Title 42 and implement the agency’s latest action.
That plan, Mayorkas confirmed, is part of the Biden administration’s broader effort to transform the southern border into a mere checkpoint for border crossers and illegal aliens by which they pass through on their way into the U.S. interior.
“What we are doing is precisely what we announced we would do in April of this year and we have been executing on the plan,” Mayorkas said. “… we are seeking to bolster the capacity of non-profit organizations. State and local officials are working very closely with them.” --->READ MORE HERE
Where Have Released Family Unit Border-Crossers Settled?
Buried in the appendix of a recent report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) are some basic statistics on the destinations of many of the illegal border crossers who were caught and released under Biden administration policies. This is noteworthy because, while much has been published on the historic, mind-boggling numbers of illegal migrants who have arrived, little is known about where they are settling, other than episodic reports of flights and buses organized by the feds or by certain state governors. It is important information to have because, while the feds currently see no reason to coordinate with local authorities, it is typically the state and local governments (and taxpayers) that bear most of the fiscal burden associated with this wave of illegal immigration.
The GAO obtained data from the Border Patrol, which instructs agents to ask the released aliens where they are headed. In addition, ICE provided the GAO with statistics on the number of illegal migrants classified as part of a family unit who reported (in person, by phone, or by booking an appointment on a website) to each of its regional field office over a one-year period.
In the report, GAO presents data on the intended destinations of released family unit migrants, as told to Border Patrol agents during processing between March 2021 and February 2022. The statistics in the report do not include destinations of released unaccompanied minors and single adults.
As shown in Table 1, the largest number of illegal migrants arrive with plans to settle in just a handful of states. The total number of family illegal migrants processed and released during this time period was 185,002. Not all of the migrants provided the Border Patrol with a destination. --->READ MORE HERE
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