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Biden-Allied Group Vowing to Investigate GOP Pocketed $1.5M From Left-Wing Dark Money Giant; Liberal Dark Money Giant Rakes in Over $1.5 Billion from Secret Donors, Tax Records Show, and related stories

Biden-allied group vowing to investigate GOP pocketed $1.5M from left-wing dark money giant:
A left-wing nonprofit group allied with President Joe Biden and planning to investigate the House GOP while in the majority has taken large sums from an influential liberal dark money group, records show.
The Congressional Integrity Project, which is led by Democratic strategists, has been relaunched after going silent during Biden's presidency and operating minimally in 2020. The project has raked in $1.5 million combined from Sixteen Thirty Fund, a group under the helm of Arabella Advisors, the largest liberal dark money network in the United States, according to tax forms reviewed by the Washington Examiner.
The group is a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm. It has been dubbed a "dark money" network because it manages five nonprofit groups, including the 501(c)(4) Sixteen Thirty Fund, that do not disclose their donors. All five groups sponsor a variety of pop-up left-wing organizations, which are not required to file tax documents with the IRS.
In 2021, Sixteen Thirty Fund granted $1 million to Congressional Integrity Project, which is also a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, according to Sixteen Thirty Fund's newly filed tax forms. The fund gave $500,000 to Congressional Integrity Project in 2020, according to Sixteen Thirty Fund's tax forms that year.
Both grants were given for the purpose of "civil rights, social action, [and] advocacy," according to tax forms. It is unclear what other organizations have poured money into Congressional Integrity Project, and an internet search of its employer identification number does not display other grants.
Sixteen Thirty Fund, which hauled in $190 million in 2021, is run by Amy Kurtz, who has worked in the liberal nonprofit sphere since 2001. The fund steered $6.2 million to liberal political action committees between January and September, according to campaign finance filings. In 2021, the fund granted over $18.9 million to the League of Conservation Voters, an environmental group, to "fund the development of several climate provisions" in Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, a $740 billion energy and climate spending bill.
"Every time you pull back the curtain, you’re going to find that the Arabella Advisors network is bankrolling the Left’s newest project," Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, a conservative ethics watchdog, told the Washington Examiner. "This time, it’s Sixteen Thirty Fund providing millions in seed money to the Congressional Integrity Project." --->READ MORE HERE
Liberal dark money giant rakes in over $1.5 billion from secret donors, tax records show:
The largest liberal dark money network in the United States hauled in over $1.5 billion from anonymous donors in 2021, tax records show.
Arabella Advisors is a consulting firm based in Washington, D.C., that oversees five nonprofit groups bankrolling left-wing causes. The network, which has been dubbed a dark money giant due to its complex arrangement that allows donors to be shielded from the public eye, also spent almost $1 billion combined in 2021, according to the newly released tax documents for the network groups.
"These latest tax returns prove that the Arabella Advisors network remains the largest dark money player in American politics," Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, a conservative ethics watchdog, told the Washington Examiner.
Arabella's network consists of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, the New Venture Fund, Windward Fund, Hopewell Fund, and North Fund. The nonprofit groups all have different liberal issue focus areas and fiscally sponsor other liberal nonprofit groups. This allows the sponsored groups to not file IRS tax forms.
In addition, the organizations managed by Arabella do not disclose their donors on tax forms.
The largest group in the Arabella network is the New Venture Fund, which focuses on a variety of liberal issues, including environmentalism, education, and the arts. The fund raked in $955 million in 2021 and disclosed $553 million in expenses. --->READ MORE HERE
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