Friday, November 4, 2022

America’s Woke Military Has Never Been This Weak; Pentagon’s Woke Policies Are Hurting National Security

America’s Woke Military Has Never Been This Weak:
For the first time the Heritage Foundation’s index of American military strength has ranked us as ‘weak’. The index warns that the Army “remains ‘weak’ in capacity with only 62 percent of the force it should have”. And even the Army has admitted that it has missed its recruiting target by 10,000 personnel which is expected to climb to over 20,000 by the end of the next fiscal year.
As Heritage and the Wall Street Journal note, “From 2005 to 2020, the U.S. fleet grew to 296 warships from 291, while China’s navy grew to 360 from 216.” The Navy however is focused on inclusion and diversity. The situation at the Air Force is much worse with the Heritage report warning that “the munitions stockpile” would probably “not support a peer-level fight that lasted more than a few weeks”. But the Air Force is also focused on diversity and inclusion.
The Navy is rated as very weak in capacity and weak in readiness. The Air Force ranks as very weak due to “problems with pilot production and retention, an extraordinarily small amount of time in the cockpit for pilots, and a fleet of aircraft that continues to age”. The Heritage index warns that “there is little doubt that it would struggle in war with a peer competitor”.
The Space Force is described as weak because “there is little evidence that the USSF has improved its readiness to provide nearly real-time support to operational and tactical levels of force operations or that it is ready in any way to execute defensive and offensive counterspace operations.”
Only the Marine Corps is rated as strong. Even our nuclear capabilities are slipping with “Russia and China are aggressively expanding the types and quantities of nuclear weapons in their inventories. Nearly all components of the nuclear enterprise are at a tipping point with respect to replacement or modernization and have no margin left for delays in schedule.”
It’s no coincidence that the ‘wokest’ service branches also show up as the weakest. --->READ MORE HERE
Pentagon’s Woke Policies Are Hurting National Security:
The Biden administration and Pentagon officials persist on a vindictive and punitive approach toward military service members who’ve requested religious accommodations to the vaccine mandate. These discriminatory actions continue to impact thousands of our men and women in uniform—including our Navy SEAL and Air Force clients—who still face mistreatment, punishment, involuntary separation and the threat of losing their careers and their livelihood.
This, however, is not just a serious problem for individual service members seeking to serve in a manner consistent with their faith; religious discrimination is also negatively affecting our country’s safety.
First Liberty attorney Danielle Runyan explained in a recent Fox News op-ed that the vaccine mandate is having a “perilous impact” on national security:
“The unrelenting push to remove thousands of religious service members from the military for their sincerely held objections to taking the COVID-19 vaccine should be classified as a clear dereliction of duty by the Biden administration…At this point, the Department of Defense should be more concerned with its own 100% compliance with the Constitution rather than 100% vaccination compliance. How will religious liberty ever be preserved if our own executive branch is permitted to overtly dishonor it?”
Runyan also pointed to a recent decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit that helped reveal the true objective. In a concurrence, Judge James C. Ho concluded that “the real reason for the vaccine mandate and indefinite unpaid leave policy is ‘virtue signaling’ and ‘currying political favor.’” --->READ MORE HERE
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