Monday, October 24, 2022

Ukraine Troops Say Russian Woes Could Preface Pullback in South; Several Iranians Who Came to help the Russian Troops were Killed in Ukraine; Ukraine's Military Destroys Russian Checkpoint, Ammunition Depots on Southern Front Line; Ukrainian Military Confirms it Hit Antonivskyi Bridge Near Kherson, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko
Ukraine troops say Russian woes could preface pullback in south:
To the Ukrainian soldiers entrenched north of the Russian-held city of Kherson, a recent drop-off in Russian shellfire and armour movements signals that their foes dug into a nearby tree line are suffering serious manpower, supply and hardware woes.
That may mean the Russians are preparing to abandon their defence of the provincial capital and retreat across the Dnipro River, the soldiers said when Reuters visited their positions on Friday.
"We understand that they are low on ammunition. We understand they are short of cannon fodder, and we understand their equipment is defective," said Fugas, 38, the nom de guerre of the commander of the 600-man unit deployed in the southern province of Mykolaiv, bordering Kherson.
The Russians "are constantly suffering losses in this sector, and we're trying to do everything we can so they leave this place as fast as possible," continued Fugas, a stocky man who in civilian life co-owned an agricultural business in the western Lviv region.
Ukrainian forces began moving in August to reclaim Kherson, a strategically important ship-building centre on the sprawling Dnipro River. In recent weeks, they have driven the Russians back 20-30 kms (13-20 miles) on parts of the battlefront. --->READ MORE HERE
Media: several Iranians who came to help the Russian troops were killed in Ukraine:
Ten Iranian citizens, who were training Russian soldiers in the occupied territories of Ukraine, were killed in the last week as a result of strikes from the Ukrainian side.
As "European Truth" reports, this was reported to the Israeli KAN radio by a source from the Ukrainian side.
The publication does not provide details, but refers to the data of the Ukrainian Center of National Resistance, which was one of the first to announce the presence of Iranian instructors in the occupied Kherson region and Crimea.
The New York Times, citing US intelligence, also reported that Iran had sent instructors to occupied Crimea to help the Russians overcome problems with the fleet of drones they had purchased from Tehran.
Later, this was confirmed in the White House , announcing the direct participation of Iran in the war in Ukraine. --->READ MORE HERE
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