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Ukraine Pushes South Into Strategic Kherson Region; Ukraine’s Counter-Attack in the South Ramps Up After Russian ‘annexation’; Ukraine claws back more territory Russia is trying to absorb; UKRAINE WAR: Russia's Position Is Crumbling, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Manu Brabo for The Wall Street Journal
WSJ: Ukraine Pushes South Into Strategic Kherson Region:
The new gains come as Kyiv presses its offensive in the east after taking Lyman back from Russian forces
Ukrainian forces broke through Russian lines and made new advances in the southern Kherson region, while expanding their rapid offensive in the eastern part of the country, retaking areas that Moscow now claims to be part of Russia.
Pushing some 20 miles south in Kherson, the new Ukrainian advance secured a corner of the only Russian foothold on the western bank of the Dnipro River, which bisects the country. Ukraine has in recent months destroyed all the bridges to that enclave, which includes the regional capital, Kherson, making it increasingly difficult for the large Russian military contingent there to be resupplied with fuel, ammunition and food.
Ukraine’s previous offensive in Kherson, during the first week of September, achieved limited gains and resulted in significant casualties because the flat, open terrain of the southern steppes made Ukrainian forces vulnerable to Russian air and artillery strikes. The weather in Kherson in recent days has been cloudy and rainy, keeping Russian jets grounded and allowing the Ukrainians to push ahead after long-range artillery hits on Russian positions.
Ukraine’s far more successful offensive that began last month in the country’s east is continuing apace. Ukrainian forces built on their momentum after capturing the strategic town of Lyman over the weekend, seizing new ground in areas that Russia’s parliament Monday formally and unanimously declared annexed to the Russian Federation. Ukraine has in recent weeks captured hundreds of Russian tanks, artillery pieces and armored vehicles in the east, as well as large stockpiles of ammunition—weapons that it has already turned against their former owners.
The speed of the Ukrainian offensives on multiple fronts has caught Russia by surprise, prompting recrimination in Moscow and forcing President Vladimir Putin to announce the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists. Ukraine has seized hundreds of square miles of territory in the past week, and is trying to advance as far as it can before these newly mobilized troops are trained and deployed to shore up crumbling Russian front lines.
In a video address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his country’s troops recaptured the villages of Arkhangelske and Myrolyubivka in the Kherson region. Video footage shared by Ukrainian soldiers showed the Ukrainian flag raised in a handful of other villages further south. Ukraine’s military usually doesn’t report the seizure of villages until they are fully secured, and on Monday warned against the release of premature information that could undermine Ukrainian operations. --->READ MORE HERE
NY POST: Ukraine’s counter-attack in the south ramps up after Russian ‘annexation’:
Ukrainian forces broke through Russian lines in the southern province of Kherson, pushing occupation forces back as many as 20 miles Monday — just hours after Ukraine claimed victory in the Donbas city of Lyman.
The advances make good on Kyiv’s promises to ignore Moscow’s claims to have annexed occupied territory and claim it as part of territorial Russia.
Ukrainian forces captured several villages along the western bank of the Dniper river in the northern part of the province.
In a rare Russian admission of loss, Vladimir Saldo, the Kremlin-installed occupation authority in the region, told Russian state TV the situation was “tense.”
“There were indeed breakthroughs,” Saldo said, singling out the village of Dudchany — a rural spot on the Dniper some 20 miles from the front line — as the center of the Ukrainian advance.
The central government in Kyiv had yet to confirm the advance on Monday, but regional Ukrainian authorities in Kherson reported a number of victories along the Dniper river north of Dudchany.
It was unclear from early reports whether Ukrainian forces had managed to take the Dudchany itself, or whether they were still on the outskirts of the hamlet. --->READ MORE HERE
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