Friday, October 28, 2022

Ukraine Pushes Further into Donbas as Russia Fortifies Southern Front; Ukrainian Armed Forces Strike 20 Concentrations of Russian Manpower and Weapons; Ukrainian Forces Repel Russian Attacks Near 10 Settlements, Zelenskyy: Ukraine is Destroying “world’s second army”, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine pushes further into Donbas as Russia fortifies southern front:
Ukrainian forces have made recent inroads into the northern portion of the Donbas region, putting yet another Russian supply line in their crosshairs — as Russia dug in and hinted at a nuclear threat.
Meanwhile, Moscow’s forces set up defensive positions in the southern Kherson province ahead of expected Ukrainian advances, as Kyiv warned that Russia could set up a dirty bomb at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.
Ukrainian troops in the country’s northeast secured several villages in the past 48 hours undermining Russia’s control of the Luhansk province — the northernmost province of the industrial heartland known as the Donbas region, and a stronghold for Russian occupiers.
The Ukrainian military said Monday that it had taken the villages of Karmazynivka, Miasozharivka and Nevske, as well as the nearby village of Novosadovoe in Donetsk.
The advance was confirmed Tuesday by WarGonzo, a pro-Russian propaganda outlet run by Russian war reporter Semyon Pegov, who said there was an ongoing artillery battle over the nearby Zherebets River.
“This allows the Ukrainian army to take fire control of the section of the R-66 highway from the interchange in the Svatovo area to Kremennaya,” the outlet wrote on Telegram, describing a two-lane road connecting the front-line towns.
The account said Russian artillery was firing across the Zherebets in an attempt to thwart Ukrainian reinforcements, but so far “for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation the situation is very difficult.” --->READ MORE HERE
Ukrainian Armed Forces strike 20 concentrations of Russian manpower and weapons – General Staff
The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck twenty areas of concentration of enemy manpower and weapons over the course of 25 October.
Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 18:00 on 25 October
Quote: "According to the most up-to-date information, Ukraine’s defence forces killed around 30 [invaders], and more than a hundred enemy servicemen remained under the rubble as a result of point strikes by the artillery of the defence forces, in the village of Kairy, Kherson Oblast.
In the village of Hornostaivka, after the detonation of the ammunition depot, the movement of a large number of ambulance cars was observed. Losses are carefully hidden by the enemy.
Ukrainian aircraft carried out 15 strikes on 25 October, striking 12 areas of concentration of Russian weapons and equipment, 2 strong points and several anti-aircraft defence systems. In addition, Ukrainian air defence forces downed a UAV.
Ukraine’s Rocket Forces and Artillery struck eight areas where Russian military personnel, weapons and equipment were concentrated, as well as ammunition storage points and other important military targets of the occupiers." --->READ MORE HERE
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