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The Outrageous, Democrat-Friendly Census Errors You’ve Heard Nothing About; 2020 Census Overcounted Democratic States, Undercounted GOP States

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The outrageous, Democrat-friendly census errors you’ve heard nothing about:
Not content with the US Supreme Court’s perverse ruling blocking the Trump administration from reinstating a plainly constitutional citizenship question in the 2020 census and the Census Bureau’s apparent insubordination under Donald Trump, House Democrats recently passed legislation making it still more difficult for a future administration to reinstate the citizenship question and further insulating the agency from accountability to any president.
While the Ensuring a Fair and Accurate Census Act will do nothing of the sort, it does represent an inadvertent admission of failure in the last census — one of mammoth proportions and with massive political implications that you likely have not heard about.
The fact that such a failure has garnered minimal coverage and therefore public attention, while manifesting itself in the corruption of our republican system, demonstrates the disingenuousness of our ruling regime’s otherwise-hysterical “democracy defenders.”
The failure lies in the census count itself, which according to the Census Bureau’s own research was grossly inaccurate and therefore grossly unfair to the American people.
While the bureau, in conducting its Post-Enumeration Survey, only found a relatively small net undercount in the total US population of 0.24% — or approximately 780,000 people — it also found major overcount/undercount errors when it comes to the 50 states.
And strikingly, it appears one party seems to have overwhelmingly benefited from the errors. You can probably guess which. --->READ MORE HERE
2020 Census Overcounted Democratic States, Undercounted GOP States
Most people think the decennial census is supposed to count everyone residing in the U.S. Think again.
After each census, the bureau conducts what is called the Post-Enumeration Survey (PES) to get a handle on how well the actual counting went. For instance, it found no meaningful statistical discrepancies in the 2010 census.
However, the 2020 census looks to be one of the worst ever. It vastly overcounted the populations of certain states, mostly Democratic ones, and significantly undercounted other states, mostly Republican ones. Texas, for instance, may have had as many as 985,000 more people than the official count. New York, by contrast, received as many as 1 million extra people.
This affected the number of congressional seats certain states were allotted. --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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