Thursday, October 13, 2022

Study Finds Nearly Half of Americans Defied COVID Quarantine Policies; More Evidence That COVID Lockdowns Harmed Children More than the Virus, and other C-Virus related stories

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Nearly half of Americans defied COVID quarantine policies:
A new study finds that nearly half of U.S. adults did not comply with public health restrictions or misrepresented their exposure status during COVID-19 quarantines.
Published Monday in JAMA Network Open, the national survey study found that 41.6% of 1,733 adult participants said they defied guidelines or misrepresented themselves in at least one of nine areas.
The study found the most common form of defiance was the participants “telling someone they were with or about to be with in person that they were taking more COVID-19 preventive measures than they actually were” (24.3%). The second most common was breaking quarantine rules (22.5%).
The most commonly cited reason was “wanting life to feel normal and wanting to exercise personal freedom,” the study’s 10 researchers wrote.
Lead researcher Andrea G. Levy, a psychology professor at Middlesex Community College in Middletown, Connecticut, said the study confirms the “fairly common” dishonesty of Americans about following guidelines during an outbreak.
“And we can understand that because these measures have been tremendously burdensome,” Ms. Levy said in an email. “But they work, and being dishonest about them or not following them undermines their effectiveness in preventing disease spread.” --->READ MORE HERE
More evidence that COVID lockdowns harmed children more than the virus:
As it turns out, COVID lockdowns harmed children without giving them any added protection from the virus itself.
Who could have possibly guessed?
The latest data point to add to the pandemic blunder of punishing children during COVID comes from a study promoted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. According to the study by Dr. Drew Watson, a team physician for the University of Wisconsin Athletics, the cancellation of youth sports during the pandemic “was accompanied by decreased physical activity and quality of life, as well as startlingly high levels of anxiety and depression.”
While those levels of anxiety and depression have dropped with the return of youth sports, according to Watson, “we are still seeing higher levels of anxiety and depression than before COVID-19, suggesting that this will remain a vitally important priority for years to come.” --->READ MORE HERE
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