Sunday, October 2, 2022

‘She was 12, I was 30’: Biden Leaves Viewers Stunned in Teachers Speech; Will Biden Get Bailed Out On, ‘She Was 12, & I Was 30?’: Why, Exactly, Did the Crowd Laugh?

‘She was 12, I was 30’: Biden leaves viewers stunned in teachers speech:
President Biden shocked viewers of his Friday speech to teachers when he recognized an audience member and told the crowd, “She was 12, I was 30.”
Biden lit up social media with the confounding and seemingly inappropriate aside. He did not say what he did when he was 30 and the woman was a preteen.
“You gotta say hi to me,” Biden said mid-speech at the National Education Association headquarters in DC. “We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30. But anyway, this woman helped me get an awful lot done.”
The audience of teachers and union members laughed and cheered at the bawdy remark.
The White House did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for clarification on what the president meant.
Biden’s historical habit of touching and smelling women and girls in public — often yielding on-camera grimaces from recipients — earned him the Republican nickname “Creepy Joe,” though he has rarely committed such actions in public since apologizing in 2019 to women who said he made them uncomfortable with unwanted physical contact. --->READ MORE HERE
Will Biden Get Bailed Out On, ‘She Was 12, & I Was 30?’:
Why, exactly, did the crowd laugh?
You saw the creepy video right?
It muddied up social media feeds all weekend. People that have never expressed a single political viewpoint to me reacted with gross abhorrence to what Joe Biden appeared to seemingly imply.
As he wraps up some remarks in the video he spots someone in the crowd and in typical Biden stream of consciousness he abruptly changes subjects. Looking directly at the woman he has just spotted he bluntly instructs, “(You) gotta say ‘Hi’ to me.”
Then to the watching crowd he states, “We go back a long way, she was 12 and I was 30 but anyway…”
The crowd belly laughs.
Understanding that legitimate sexual misconduct claims abound all throughout the Biden family I began to ponder how this video—that went everywhere—can be dealt with.
In older chapters of Joe Biden’s life no one cares that Jill Biden was married when she first met Joe. They don’t much seem to care that she was still married when they began to date in March of 1975.
That Hunter Biden took up with his deceased brother’s wife also didn’t seem to matter.
Formal accusations of sexual misconduct by non-family members didn’t phase anyone. And the literally hundreds of images of Joe Biden, touching, kissing, refusing to let go of, and of course sniffing bother some. He’s done it to women of all ages-school aged little girls all the way up to whatever age Hillary Clinton purports to be. --->READ MORE HERE
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