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Pressure Mounts for Russians in Kherson as Ukraine Presses Forward; Ukraine Cites Success in Downing Drones, Fixes Energy sites; 90 Settlements Liberated in Kherson Oblast; UKR’s Armed Forces Push Russians Out of 4 Settlements in Donbas, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Pressure mounts for Russians in Kherson as Ukraine presses forward:
Russia withdraws from Kherson as Ukraine's counteroffensive advances, the southern military command said on Oct. 23.
The command's spokeswoman Natalia Humeniuk said Russian troops are being relocated to the left bank of the Dnipro River as Ukrainian troops approach the regional capital.
Ukraine liberated 88 settlements in Kherson Oblast as of Oct. 21, according to Deputy Head of the President's Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko.
According to the National Resistance Center, a website launched by the Special Operation Forces of Ukraine's military, Russian forces had dismantled telecommunication equipment to cut internet and mobile connection in Kherson, in an attempt to "isolate" the city.
The report said that Moscow sought to create an information blockade in Kherson during the counteroffensive.
"In the future, the Russians plan is to leave the city without communications, television, and radio broadcasting," according to the National Resistance's report.
Eastern front
On the eastern battlefield, Russians appear to be preparing for a further Ukrainian counteroffensive in mostly occupied Luhansk Oblast.
The U.K. intelligence said that "Russia is making a significant effort to prepare defenses in-depth behind the current front line" in Luhansk Oblast amid the ongoing counteroffensive. --->READ MORE HERE
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Ukraine cites success in downing drones, fixes energy sites
Ukrainian authorities tried to dampen public fears over Russia’s use of Iranian drones by claiming increasing success Monday in shooting them down, while the Kremlin’s talk of a possible “dirty bomb” attack added another worrying dimension as the war enters its ninth month.
Ukrainians are bracing for less electric power this winter following a sustained Russian barrage on their infrastructure in recent weeks. Citizens in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv lined up for water and essential supplies Monday as Ukrainian forces advanced on the nearby Russian-occupied city of Kherson.
Ukraine’s forces have shot down more than two-thirds of the approximately 330 Shahed drones that Russia has fired through Saturday, the head of Ukraine’s intelligence service, Kyrylo Budanov, said Monday. Budanov said Russia’s military had ordered about 1,700 drones of different types and is rolling out a second batch of about 300 Shaheds.
“Terror with the use of ‘Shaheds’ can actually last for a long time,” he was quoted as saying in the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper, adding: “Air defense is basically coping, 70% are shot down.”
Both Russia and Iran deny that Iranian-built drones have been used but the triangle-shaped Shahed-136s have rained down on civilians in Kyiv and elsewhere. --->READ MORE HERE
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