Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Police: Arizona Woman Smuggled Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants Across Border for $15K Each; Made $7.2 Million From Human Smuggling In 6 Months

El Mirage Police Department
Arizona woman smuggled hundreds of illegal immigrants across border for $15K each: police
An Arizona woman stands accused of smuggling hundreds of illegal immigrants into the US after they coughed up as much as $15,000 a pop to get across the border, authorities said Sunday.
Tania Estudillo Hernandez, 24, allegedly smuggled between 80 and 100 migrants a month into the country for six months before she was arrested Friday.
Hernandez was busted during a traffic stop while transporting a Guatemalan national, according to El Mirage, Ariz., police.
Authorities were tipped off to the scheme when they received a report of a person being held for ransom at a house in the city.
The caller said there were “multiple people kidnapped including [the caller’s] husband,” police said.
Authorities arrived to the home to find Hernandez fleeing in a vehicle and pulled her over. --->READ MORE HERE
Arizona Woman Made $7.2 Million From Human Smuggling In 6 Months: Police
A 24-year-old Arizona woman was arrested and charged with crimes related to a human smuggling enterprise on Sept. 23, according to the El Mirage Police Department (EMPD).
Over a six-month period at least, the woman, Tania Estudillo Hernandez, had allegedly held and/or processed 80 to 100 illegal aliens per month at a residence in El Mirage, the police department stated in a Facebook post.
The illegal aliens were charged as much as $15,000 each in smuggling fees, police said. At $15,000 a person, for 80 people per month over six months, that’s a total of $7.2 million.
Police said the department received a report of a person being held for ransom at the El Mirage address on the morning of Sept. 23.
“The complainant stated in the residence there were multiple people kidnapped, including her husband,” the EMPD stated.
Officers stopped a vehicle leaving the residence and discovered Hernandez transporting a Guatemalan national, the report stated. --->READ MORE HERE
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