Friday, October 14, 2022

Photos of Migrants Crossing Rio Grande Underscore Border Crisis; Biden 'must secure our border': El Paso County Judge Candidate Sounds Off on Migrant Crisis; Border Surge Inundates School Districts

Photos of migrants crossing Rio Grande underscore border crisis:
Asylum-seeking migrants were photographed by The Post Monday crossing the Rio Grande between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas.
The refugees — who were mostly escaping Venezuela amid deteriorating economic conditions and food shortages in the South American country — lined up inside El Paso’s Migrant Welcome Center before boarding busses heading to cities across the country.
Migrants have been bussed in record numbers to sanctuary cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC, by the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona while they pursue their immigration cases.
Nearly 800 migrants have died trying to cross the border so far this year, Customs and Border Protection said last month. Hundreds had drowned in the Rio Grande while many others succumbed to heat exhaustion.
More than 20,000 more migrants had been rescued by CBP officers in the fiscal year 2022, which ended last week, statistics show.
The treacherous waterway that divides the two nations is known in Mexico as El Río Bravo, “the angry river” or “the fierce river.”
US authorities have stopped about 2 million migrants from crossing into the country since last fall — setting a new record, according to Customs and Border Protection data. --->READ MORE HERE
Hannah Ray Lambert/Fox News
Biden 'must secure our border': El Paso County judge candidate sounds off on migrant crisis:
El Paso County Judge candidate Guadalupe Giner says local officials are using taxpayer dollars to 'process federal failures'
As El Paso County continues to grapple with a surge of migrants crossing the southern border, a candidate for county judge said the government shouldn't use local tax dollars to "process federal failures."
"The federal government must secure our border," said Guadalupe Giner, who is running as an Independent. "They put this burden on El Paso County. And for whatever reason, the county has decided to open a processing center."
The El Paso County Commissioners Court approved a $6.8 million contract in September to open a new migrant support center near the airport. It will be similar to the city-operated Migrant Welcome Center, which currently helps up to 400 migrants a day coordinate travel to other cities, putting many on buses to New York City or Chicago.
The county hopes its processing center will be up and running by early October
"We're taking money out of local taxpayer hands and putting it into something that the federal government should be paying for," Giner told Fox News. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Border surge inundates school districts+++++

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