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My Children Will Not Get the Covid Shot No Matter What The CDC Recommends; The CDC Pushes to Vaccinate Toddlers, Again, and other C-Virus related stories

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My Children Will Not Get the Covid Shot No Matter What The CDC Recommends:
I will not allow my child’s body to be used by the CDC, the FDA, or the federal government as a testing site.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine advisory committee unanimously voted to add the Covid-19 shot to the growing list of recommended childhood vaccines this week. Most states follow this recommended immunization schedule when developing vaccine requirements for schools and childcare facilities. Unfortunately, not all vaccines are created equal.
Most of the standard scheduled shots have had decades, entire lifetimes to go through long-term trial-and-error. The Covid-19 shot did not even receive standard clinical trial evaluations, and this is just one factor in my family’s decision to avoid the new shot at all costs.
Clinical research is necessary to determine if medical substances used to treat illnesses and diseases are safe. They have four phases that often span between five to seven years to ensure that drugs produce desired results and improve the health and wellness of patients safely and effectively.
The information gathered during each phase is used to evaluate and improve treatments in order to determine if medicines should be approved for mass consumption. Thanks to the Emergency Use Authorization policy — spawned from 9/11 response and beyond — the federal government gave the FDA the power to fast-track drug production and availability without properly testing substances for life-altering and life-threatening side effects on a long-term scale.
As we all know, this policy was utilized to create and market the Covid-19 vaccines. Now, the CDC has voted to add the shot to the list of recommended vaccines for children. This means that public schools will likely require them soon, and unfortunately, many private schools as well.
Public Acceptance of Medical Tyranny --->READ MORE HERE
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WSJ: The CDC Pushes to Vaccinate Toddlers, Again:
Its decision to include Covid-19 shots in children’s schedules is based on far-too-flimsy evidence
Is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention trying to give vaccine skeptics a shot in the arm? That’s the message its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices sent last week with its vote to add Covid-19 vaccines to childhood vaccination schedules.
Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf stressed that the CDC isn’t mandating vaccines for kids. “Mandates are not the remit of either CDC or FDA,” he tweeted on Oct. 19. Didn’t the CDC argue the opposite in court when defending its mask requirement for public transportation?
It’s true that states and localities don’t have to follow the CDC’s recommendations when deciding which shots kids must receive to attend daycare and school, but they usually do. One CDC panelist said the vote was merely symbolic. But symbolism matters.
Why else did face masks become so controversial? Given the scant evidence supporting widespread use of nonmedical-grade masks, many conservatives perceived masking as another instance of liberals imposing scientifically baseless rituals on nonadherent Americans. The same is now true with vaccinating children.
Most conservatives don’t oppose vaccines per se. But never before has the CDC recommended, or the FDA authorized, a vaccine for children based on such thin evidence of benefits and lack of clarity on potential risks.
It’s generally accepted that kids are at much lower risk for severe Covid than adults. One study, released earlier this month, estimated that only 3 of every million kids who have been infected with Covid have died from it. Children also are much less likely to get severely sick with Covid than with some other bugs. --->READ MORE HERE
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