Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Hochul Touts Record $45.8M Campaign Haul Amid Donor Pay-to-Play Concerns; Kathy Hochul’s Pay-to-Play Scandals Make Her Unfit for New York Governor, and other C-Virus related stories

Hochul touts record $45.8M campaign haul amid donor play-to-play concerns:
Fundraising is the double-edged sword that could make or break Gov. Kathy Hochul’s bid for a full term in office.
The incumbent Democrat announced Friday that she has raised a record-setting $45.8 million for her campaign – with much of that money coming from donors tied to alleged pay-to-play schemes.
Among those being scrutinized is a no-bid $637 million deal for COVID-19 rapid tests that benefited a company tied to $300,000 in campaign cash to the Democratic governor.
“Some people will view that dollar amount suspiciously, and ask: ‘What promises did she make to raise that kind of cash?” Republican political consultant William O’Reilly said of Hochul’s $45.8 million haul.
“It’s a legitimate question, and one she’ll need to answer,” he added.
The fundraising total and cash spent thus far dwarfs the $31 million spent by the man she replaced, disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in his successful bid for a third term four years ago. --->READ MORE HERE
Kathy Hochul’s pay-to-play scandals make her unfit for New York governor:
Kathy Hochul is an unelected governor who has used and abused her interim powers to her political advantage. In just a short time, she has amassed a thin record of accomplishments and left a trail of ethics nightmares that make her unfit for a full term as New York’s governor.
While she was lieutenant governor it was unclear what, if any, work she was really doing — even as so many of our state’s metrics declined. While thousands of senior citizens died in nursing homes, the now-governor was not to be found, playing no role in mitigating pain and saving the lives of New Yorkers when it counted.
The same question applies now: What does Kathy Hochul do all day?
Her top priority after assuming the reins from her disgraced boss, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was not to shore up the state’s solvency or our communities’ safety or to open up much-needed jobs in our resource-rich energy reserves. She hasn’t so much as sought accountability for the nursing-home debacle.
Rather, she’s brazenly used state aircraft to hop from campaign fundraiser to campaign fundraiser, ignoring ethical concerns as she’s scooped up tens of millions of dollars in an unprecedented pandemic fundraising tour, hitting up even state contractors.
But that would only be the beginning of a string of ethical lapses. --->READ MORE HERE
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