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Doctor Rips White House Shielding COVID Vaccine Data as CDC OKs Shot for Immunization Schedules: Shame On Them; COVID-19 will be added to immunization schedule for schools, recommending the vaccine, not mandating, and other C-Virus related stories

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Doctor rips White House shielding COVID vaccine data as CDC OKs shot for immunization schedules: Shame on them
Dr. Marty Makary warns recommending the COVID-19 vaccine for children could shake public trust in vaccines
The CDC's decision to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of recommended childhood vaccines without publicizing clinical trial data could cause "unintended harm," Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor Dr. Marty Makary said Thursday, warning that the move will further fuel vaccine hesitancy surrounding childhood immunizations.
The CDC's advisory committee on Immunization Practices voted unanimously Thursday to approve the agency's new recommended immunization schedules for adults and children for 2023, which includes vaccination for COVID-19 for children as early as 6 months old.
The addition of the COVID vaccine marks the first of its kind to be added to the CDC's list without offering clinical data to support its benefit, Makary told "America Reports." While the vote does not serve as official policy, the CDC's recommendations do have a wide influence on how states decide which vaccinations to require for children to attend school, the Fox News medical contributor said.
"We saw the same thing with school policy. The CDC argued they did not close schools, they just sent out the guidance. But local authorities will often blindly follow whatever the CDC does and if the CDC is truly putting this on the vaccination schedule as they just voted to do, this will be the first-ever vaccine where there is no evidence to show a reduction in disease in the community," Makary told Fox News host John Roberts. --->READ MORE HERE
COVID-19 will be added to immunization schedule for schools, recommending the vaccine, not mandating:
On Thursday, a CDC Advisory Committee met for the second day in a row to discuss routine vaccination. On the agenda was whether COVID-19 should be added to immunization schedules.
The independent advisers voted 15-0 to add most COVID-19 vaccines offered in the United States to the childhood, adolescent and adult immunization schedules.
The schedules are updated every fall before going into effect the next year.
You may have seen them at your doctor's office, where they give specific recommendations per age group for what vaccines are needed.
That would sometimes be listed as DTaP, polio, chickenpox and now COVID-19.
It's important to note that these inclusions on the schedules do not mean mandates. We spoke with one Tampa Bay Area mom who said when it comes to vaccinating her children, she has to weigh the risks and the benefits. --->READ MORE HERE
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