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Disruptions in Russia: Explosions in Belgorod, Fire in Oktyabrskoye; Putin's Rage: Russia Wastes Dwindling Number of Missiles 'with no effect'; Russia Used Two-Thirds of high-Precision Missiles it had on Feb. 24; U.S., Allies to Help Ukraine Build Air Defense Against Russian Attacks, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Disruptions in Russia: Explosions in Belgorod, fire in Oktyabrskoye:
Explosions rang out in the Russian city of Belgorod [located to the northeast of Ukraine, not far from the Russian-Ukrainian border - ed.] on the evening of 13 October. Early reports indicate that an ammunition depot has been blown up.
Source: Meduza, a Russian media outlet; Centre for Strategic Communication of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Telegram
Details: Russian media has reported that there have been explosions in the city of Belgorod, Russia. A fire has additionally been reported at a sugar factory in the village of Oktyabrskoye [located to the southwest of Belgorod and near to the Russian-Ukrainian border - ed.].
The Centre for Strategic Communication of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that a Russian ammunition depot has been blown up.
Updated at 20:19: Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of Belgorod Oblast, confirmed that an ammunition depot was blown up. He claimed that this was a result of an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He said there were no casualties or fatalities. --->READ MORE HERE
Putin's rage: Russia wastes dwindling number of missiles 'with no effect':
Russia doesn’t have enough cruise missiles to wage a scorched-earth campaign against Ukrainian civilians while fending off a Ukrainian counteroffensive to liberate occupied territory in the east, Western officials and analysts said.
“We know that they are running out of these cruise missiles, which is by the way the only precision, long-range weapon they still have,” a senior European military official told the Washington Examiner. “Soon, so early 2023, they will run out of it because that's something the defense industry in Russia cannot produce anymore.”
Those estimates bode poorly for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ability to sustain the blistering barrage that Russian forces unleashed this week. The bombardment targeted energy infrastructure and other civilian targets across the country in an apparent effort to cripple “the entire chain of supply” of electricity, according to Ukrainian energy officials.
“The upcoming winter will be challenging,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said Wednesday. “Therefore, we once again urge everyone to prepare carefully for winter. It is desirable that every family has a stock of necessary basic things: warm clothes, candles, flashlights, batteries. It is vital to get prepared in case electricity or heat disappears as a result of massive missile attacks.”
That frigid fate strikes Russian hard-liners as a clear path to victory in the war, which has gone badly for the Kremlin in defiance of widespread presumptions that Russian forces could overwhelm Ukraine with a military that appeared on paper to be larger and better equipped than the defending force. --->READ MORE HERE
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