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Buckle Up Biden: House GOP Plans Deep-Dive into Botched Pullout from Afghanistan; Shocking Neglect: Biden’s Team Ignored 325,000 Emails from Afghan Allies Needing Rescue; GOP Rep. Michael McCaul tells State Dept. to keep Afghanistan pullout records

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Buckle up Biden: House GOP plans deep-dive into botched pullout from Afghanistan:
House Republican leaders have told the Biden administration to preserve documents related to the targeting of parents at school board meetings and the botched U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, as the lawmakers prepare for congressional investigations next year.
Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, sent a series of preservation letters Monday to White House chief of staff Ron Klain, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.
Mr. Jordan, who is poised to chair the committee if, as expected, Republicans win the House majority in the Nov. 8 elections, demanded the preservation of evidence related to federal agents targeting parents who spoke out at school board meetings.
He accused Mr. Klain, Mr. Cardona and Mr. Mayorkas of “misuse of federal criminal and counterterrorism resources” to target parents.
The administration came under intense scrutiny after the Justice Department last year directed federal authorities to investigate parents who spoke out against COVID-19 mandates and “woke” curricula such as critical race theory. The directive came in response to a request from the National School Boards Association, a nonprofit comprised of states’ school board associations, that said the threats against educators and school officials were akin to “a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”
In a separate letter last week, Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas told Secretary of State Antony Blinken to preserve documents about last year’s “disastrous Afghanistan evacuation.” Mr. McCaul, the ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee will likely become the chairman in a GOP-run House. --->READ MORE HERE
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Shocking neglect: Biden’s team ignored 325,000 emails from Afghan allies needing rescue:
Afghan allies stranded after the U.S. troop withdrawal have complained for the last year that they felt nobody was listening to their pleas.
It turns out they were right.
A new report by the State Department’s inspector general says that as of May — nearly nine months after the pullout — 325,000 unread email messages were sitting in the main mailbox of the government program designed to rescue Afghans who assisted the U.S. war effort.
Some of those unread messages dated to August 2021, before the last troops were withdrawn.
Desperate Afghans were reaching out and nobody was answering. Advocates for the Afghans say they now know why.
Along the way, the backlog of applications for the Special Immigrant Visa designed to get Afghan allies out of the country and into the U.S. soared, topping 300,000 potential immigrants awaiting State Department decisions.
“In [the National Visa Center], the application backlog is related to opening emails sent to NVC’s Afghan SIV email account,” the inspector general said. “As of May 2022, the email account had over 325,000 unread messages, and OIG observed that NVC staff were still opening unread emails dated from August 2021.” --->READ MORE HERE
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