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Biden Would Rather Cover Up the Border Crisis than Solve It; Biden Admin Pressured Dem El Paso Mayor Not to Declare State of Emergency Over City’s Migrant Crisis; WH Keeps LId On El Paso’s Emergency, Addressing ‘optics’ Instead of the Actual Crisis

Go Nakamura for New York Post
Biden would rather cover up the border crisis than solve it:
The New York Post reports that the White House has pressured local officials in El Paso, Texas, not to declare a state of emergency in response to massive DHS releases of illegal migrants in that border city.
With immigration surging as an issue just three weeks before midterm elections that will determine control of Congress, it looks like politics is driving the administration’s response. In a New York Times/Siena poll released on October 17, “immigration” was the fourth leading issue (out of 20 choices) on the minds of likely voters, tied with abortion. That’s a huge jump from similar polling conducted in mid-July, when more than twice as many respondents were as concerned about abortion as cared about immigration.
What has spurred voters’ sudden interest in immigration? Thanks to the administration’s refusal — in a break with every prior one — to deter people from entering the United States illegally, Border Patrol agents at the Southwest border set a new apprehension record in FY 2021, which they broke just 10 months into FY 2022. Although CDC public-health orders issued pursuant to Title 42 of the U.S. Code in response to the COVID-19 pandemic direct CBP to expel all those migrants from the United States, Biden has increasingly refused to comply, even in the face of a May 20 federal court order requiring the administration to keep Title 42 in place.
More than 181,000 illegal migrants were apprehended by agents at the Southwest border in August, but fewer than 40% (just over 71,000) were expelled under Title 42. The rest were processed for removal, and most of them were released into the United States. All told under Biden, more than 1.3 million migrants caught by Border Patrol at the U.S.-Mexico line have been released, not counting nearly 900,000 others who avoided apprehension in the past two fiscal years. Nearly all will be here indefinitely, if not forever. --->READ MORE HERE
New York Post
Biden admin pressured Dem El Paso mayor not to declare state of emergency over city’s migrant crisis:
The White House pressured the Democratic mayor of El Paso, Texas, to not declare a state of emergency over the city’s migrant crisis due to fear it would make President Biden look bad, The Post has learned.
At least three of the El Paso City Council’s eight members have urged Mayor Oscar Leeser to issue an emergency declaration in response to the thousands of migrants who’ve filled the city’s shelters and are being housed in local hotels, sources familiar with the matter said.
But Leeser admitted during a private phone conversation last month that he’d been directed otherwise by the Biden administration, one of the officials told The Post.
“He told me the White House asked him not to,” Councilmember Claudia Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez also said Leeser has repeatedly assured her that he’d declare a state of emergency “if things got worse” — without saying what that meant.
US Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas), whose district covers rural areas and border towns near El Paso, also said he heard similar accounts from other city officials.
“It is a sleight of hand what the administration is doing — pressuring the local government to not issue a declaration of emergency, to say as if everything is going OK,” he said.
Gonzales also alleged that the White House has done “the same thing in other parts of my district,” which have also seen huge numbers of migrants seeking refuge.
Leeser declined to speak with The Post but said in a prepared statement, “I don’t bow to pressure from any side.” --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++White House keeps lid on El Paso’s emergency, addressing ‘optics’ instead of the actual crisis+++++

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