Tuesday, October 25, 2022

'Adams Tent City' Off NYC Google Maps As Migrant Camp Opens; SEE IT: New NYC Migrant Center Labeled 'Adams Tent City' on Google Maps

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'Adams Tent City' Off NYC Google Maps As Migrant Camp Opens:
A Randall's Island facility for asylum seekers was previously tagged with the mayor's name. Now, Google Maps identifies it as a parking lot.
So long, "Adams Tent City." Hello, parking lot.
Randall's Island's new facility for asylum seekers had one final controversy before it opened Wednesday.
As city officials gave a splashy media tour Tuesday of what Mayor Eric Adams' administration officially called a "humanitarian emergency response and relief center," eagle-eyed New Yorkers discovered Google Maps instead labeled it the "Adams Tent City."
The name was removed from Google Maps hours after outlets such as the New York Post ran stories. And, as of Wednesday morning, it appears the search giant's map site scrubbed all mention of any migrant facility.
Instead, the location near the Icahn Stadium simply labeled as a "parking lot."
The "parking lot" label doesn't capture the amenities in the $325,000 facility that city officials showed off to reporters Tuesday, according to the New York Post.--->READ MORE HERE
Screenshot/ Google Maps
SEE IT: New NYC migrant center labeled 'Adams Tent City' on Google Maps"
A place called "Adams Tent City" was spotted on Google Maps on Tuesday at the location of New York City's new immigrant welcome center, which was created to deal with the influx of people the city is facing following Gov. Greg Abbott's (R-TX) choice to bus illegal immigrants to Democratic strongholds.
The location, on Randall's Island, recently began putting up tent-like structures to house up to 500 people seeking asylum, according to a report. Next to the city's Icahn Stadium, amenities such as air conditioning and laundry units will be available.
It's unclear if this was done by a prankster or if Google is responsible for the labeling.
This summer, Mayor Eric Adams (D-NY) announced that the city would construct the site to cope with the recent surge of immigrants.
“It was presented to us that these would be intake centers and not places for people to have homes. In that scenario, it does make sense, but I would be suspect, as well, because I can tell you sitting here right now there’s going to be people there for more than 3-5 days,” public advocate Jumaane Williams told New York 1. --->READ MORE HERE
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