Monday, October 17, 2022

ACT test scores drop to their lowest in 30 years in dramatic pandemic slide; 'Failing our kids': ACT scores fall to lowest average in 30 years, and other C-Virus related stories

ACT test scores drop to their lowest in 30 years in dramatic pandemic slide:
This year’s high school graduates scored lower on the ACT college admissions exam than any other class in the last 30 years, showing the toll pandemic-era disruptions has taken on student learning.
The national average composite school for the Class of 2022 was 19.8 — the lowest average score since 1991, according to new data released Wednesday.
“This is the fifth consecutive year of declines in average scores, a worrisome trend that began long before the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has persisted,” said Janet Godwin, the CEO of the ACT, in a statement.
Roughly 1.3 million students nationwide took the ACT during their senior year — or 36% of recent graduates. And a greater share of students took the exam more than once compared to 2021 grads.
The implications may go beyond the lower scores while applying to college.
More than 4 in 10 test-takers did not meet any of the ACT’s benchmarks for “college readiness” in English, reading, math and science — suggesting these students whose high school careers were impacted by COVID-19 for larger stretches may have arrived on campus unprepared for high-level coursework.
“The magnitude of the declines this year is particularly alarming, as we see rapidly growing numbers of seniors leaving high school without meeting the college-readiness benchmark in any of the subjects we measure,” said Godwin. --->READ MORE HERE
'Failing our kids': ACT scores fall to lowest average in 30 years:
The average ACT score for high school graduates in 2022 was a full half a point lower than the year before and the lowest composite score average in three decades, according to a new report.
The average score on the mainstay college entrance exam for high school graduates in 2022 was a 19.8, the lowest in 30 years and a significant drop from the 20.3 average turned in by the class of 2021. The report is the latest evidence of widespread learning loss brought about by extended school closures.
The ACT said that the declines in the overall score are an ongoing trend that predates the pandemic and coincided with a decrease in the percentage of students who met performance benchmarks in various subjects, which measure a student's likelihood of success in a given subject at the college level.
The report found that 42% of test-takers failed to reach any of the necessary benchmarks in English, reading, science, and math, a 4% increase from the year before. Conversely, only 22% of students who took the ACT achieved the benchmarks in all four subjects, down from 25% the year before. --->READ MORE HERE
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