Friday, September 16, 2022

Ukrainian Blitz Puts Nation's Furious Forces Right on Russia's Doorstep; Ukraine Strikes Multiple Targets INSIDE Russia, More Deputies Call for Putin's Ouster; Ukrainian troops keep up pressure on fleeing Russian forces; Ukraine Seeks More Arms, Closer Ties to West After Taking Ground From Russia, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Kostiantyn Liberov / AP
Ukrainian Blitz Puts Nation's Furious Forces Right on Russia's Doorstep:
Ukrainian troops reclaimed a wide swath of territory from Russia on Monday, pushing all the way back to the northeastern border in some places as part of a lightning advance that forced Moscow to make a hasty retreat from occupied land.
As blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flags fluttered over newly liberated towns, the Ukrainian military said its troops had freed more than 20 settlements in 24 hours. In recent days, Kyiv’s forces have captured territory at least twice the size of greater London, according to the British Defense Ministry.
After months of little discernible movement on the battlefield, the momentum has lifted Ukrainian morale and provoked rare public criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war. While Ukrainian cities began emerging from Russian occupation, a local leader alleged that the Kremlin’s troops had committed atrocities against civilians there similar to those in other places seized by Moscow.
“In some areas of the front, our defenders reached the state border with the Russian Federation,” said Oleh Syniehubov, governor of the northeastern Kharkiv region. Over the weekend, the Russian Defense Ministry said troops would be pulled from two areas in that region to regroup in the eastern region of Donetsk.
There were reports of chaos as Russian troops abruptly pulled out.
“The Russians were here in the morning. Then at noon, they suddenly started shouting wildly and began to run away, charging off in tanks and armored vehicles,” Dmytro Hrushchenko, a resident of recently liberated Zaliznychne, a small town near the eastern front line, told Sky News of the quick withdrawal. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti
Ukraine Strikes Multiple Targets INSIDE Russia, More Deputies Call for Putin's Ouster:
Ukraine hit targets inside Russia in the past few hours, complicating Russian efforts to stabilize their lines.
The weekend rout of Russian forces out of the Kharkiv Oblast (region) is nearly complete, and all signs indicate that Ukraine is moving quickly to continue the counteroffensive into the disputed Donetsk Oblast.
Meanwhile, in Russia’s capital and second-largest city:
I’ll get back to Russia’s domestic politics shortly, but first let’s look at their deteriorating position on the ground in Ukraine — and inside their own borders, too.
The Ukraine Army barely paused for breath after clearing almost all of Kharkiv of Russian forces in a six-day counteroffensive that was basically wrapped up on Saturday. But that doesn’t mean the advance has stopped, as forces move into position to retake more and more of Donetsk. --->READ MORE HERE
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