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Millions in China Under COVID Lockdown Restrictions; As China Imposes More Covid Lockdowns, ‘Everyone Is Scared’; Shenzhen Tells Most Residents to Stay Home, as Covid-19 Controls Tighten Across China, and other C-Virus related stories

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Millions in China under COVID lockdown restrictions:
China cities are conducting new rounds of COVID testing amid restrictions.
China's city of Shenzhen said it would implement COVID-19 restrictions on Monday.
This comes as Chengdu eased its lockdown for its 21 million residents, announcing the extension of curbs.
Across China, 65 million citizens in more than 30 cities have been placed under stringent measures, according to the Chinese business magazine Caixin.
Shenzhen officials vowed to "marshal all available resources, mobilize all forces, and take all possible measures" to stop the outbreaks.
The city of 18 million announced a new round of testing, classifying areas based on the risk of infection. --->READ MORE HERE
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As China Imposes More Covid Lockdowns, ‘Everyone Is Scared’:
Nearly every province has recorded infections in recent days, leaving some 60 million residents locked down. Weariness is growing by the day as the restrictions go on seemingly without end.
In the hours before the southern Chinese city of Chengdu entered a coronavirus lockdown, Matthew Chen visited four vegetable markets in an attempt to stock up on fresh food. But seemingly the entire city had the same idea, and by the time he got to each place, most of the shelves had been stripped bare, except for hot peppers and fruit, he said.
Mr. Chen, a white-collar worker in his 30s, managed to scavenge enough cherry tomatoes, meat and greens for about one day, and since then has been ordering grocery deliveries to tide him through the lockdown, which began on Friday. But he worries about whether that supply will remain stable, and how much longer he will have to rely on it.
“The longer a lockdown goes, the more problems emerge, and the harder it is to tolerate it,” he said, noting that the Chengdu government had not given a timeline for reopening.
Problems have already appeared. Some residents have complained on social media of long delays in food deliveries. Over the weekend, Chengdu’s Covid testing system — which has been tasked with swabbing all of the city’s 21 million residents every day — collapsed, leaving residents waiting in line for hours. --->READ MORE HERE
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