Monday, September 19, 2022

Migrants Bused to Sanctuary City Chicago are Promptly Shipped off to Suburbs; Illinois Officials Send 90 Migrants to Another Suburban Chicago Town with Little Notice

Migrants bused to sanctuary city Chicago are promptly shipped off to suburbs:
Some migrants being bused from the southern border are being sent to a Chicago suburb instead of the city with no warning, local officials said.
A group of migrants, who are being bused from Texas as part of a plan by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, arrived at a Hampton Inn in Burr Ridge, Illinois, on Wednesday with no prior notice, according to a report from a Fox affiliate in Chicago.
"I’m glad that the American dream is still alive for a lot of people as it was for my grandparents when they came here and for most people that are in this country," Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Gasso said. "So [I'm] very happy for them but unhappy that nobody from the city, from the state, called and told me or my village administrator or any of our elected officials that this was happening." --->READ MORE HERE
FOX 32
Illinois officials send 90 migrants to another suburban Chicago town with little notice":
After Elk Grove Village officials pressed the state for answers, the busload of migrants, which was originally set to arrive on Sept. 9, was delayed for one day.
Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson said in a robocall to residents that he's "disappointed" in the "haphazard" way that the situation has been handled by officials from the state and City of Chicago.
"While the Village is now well-informed about what is taking place, I cannot tell you how disappointing it is to see the haphazard way in which this has been handled by county, state, and City of Chicago officials. The Village received no advanced notice that the migrants would be arriving here. We received no information about when the bus would arrive, where the migrants would stay or whose responsibility it was to provide food or medical care. Only after we began making phone calls and asking tough questions did we get the answers we were looking for," Johnson said.
After pressing for answers, Johnson said that he's satisfied that "the federal agencies tasked with performing health and safety screening on the migrants are doing their job." --->READ MORE HERE
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